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Thread: My wife asked me to clean the garage, so I built an AR15

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    My wife asked me to clean the garage, so I built an AR15

    Well like the title says, my wife has been nagging me to clean the garage, so I finally relented. Once I got into my happy space I started to wonder if I could build an AR15 with the parts I have accumulated over the past year and a half and store in my "Section" of the garage.

    So, I started to "clean" and once I had the appropriate pile of parts, I started to assemble my Pandemic Parts Build AR. I wanted to create a traveling rifle that I could legally transport in my home state and then easily convert to a more user friendly carbine once I crossed state lines into a free state. I wanted it to be as simple, stout, and lightweight as the parts I could find would accommodate.

    Here is what I came up with in terms of parts:

    16" FN CHF 1/7 Mid Length barrel with FSB.
    Generic Comp for compliance
    Anchor Forge upper
    AP handguards
    DD rear sight
    Standard GI charging Handle
    Failzero NB BCG - I am bit worried about this as they seem to get mixed reviews. But it is what I had from a trade.
    CMC single stage drop-in trigger - left over from a coyote calling rifle build
    Midway/Stoner 7075 Rifle tube, spring and buffer
    Surplus A1 stock - Since collapsible stocks are a no/no and kind of a pain to switch back and forth I went with a fixed stock. I love the A1 stock anyways.
    Magpul MIAD grip with a fin thing that makes it legal, but is easy to replace with a factory parts.
    AND...a Smith and Wesson stripped lower receiver loaded with the bits and bobs from other builds.

    So I worked for about an hour or so and came out with a big smile on face. My wife was initially pleased until she found out what I spent my time on. At first she thought I had somehow snuck to the gun store for a discreet pick up or was trying to pull one of my "I know you've seen this one before" lines. Thankfully the kids confirmed that they saw me build it, but she was still confused how I was building guns out of my piles of "Junk". I told her, "See, it is not junk". That was probably not the best answer at the time.

    So I will hopefully get up to the desert in the next couple of weeks and see how she runs. I can't wait to shoot the mid length gas with the rifle buffer. I think that will be a smooth shooter. I really like the clean simple lines and that there is nothing that needs batteries or is easy to break. So here she is:

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    Congrats on your new flipper baby.

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