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Thread: Appendix Carry Pillow - Wedge

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    Thanks to everyone who ordered one. For those who missed out we are hoping to have another batch made in the next couple of days.

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    ACP-Ws Have Been Re-Stocked

    ACPs have been re-stocked on the site.

    If you have signed up for the wait-list you should have received an email, if at the time you open the email to get an ACP and they are out of stock you will have to sign up again for the email notification.

    We will send out re-stock notices through the wait-list on our site first and then post in this thread.

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    Another batch is currently up on the site. The first two went a lot faster than we had anticipated and the third batch is all of the remaining materials we have on hand. Once this batch is gone we won't have any more up until raw materials arrive which will likely be sometime next week at the earliest.

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    Ordered one of these, and a belt to try... just shy of the "free shipping" amount, but I didn't want to buy two pillows and put anyone else out of trying one of these. Actual shipping charge still had my order under $50... very reasonable shipping!

    I had been meaning to find some fabric and velcro to give making my own a try, but for the price, I couldn't justify digging out my wife's sewing machine.

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    Mastermind Tactics knocks it out of the park (again).

    Received my Appendix Carry Pillow - Wedge today. Wow.

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    Size is almost exactly what I was hoping for. Weight is estimated (my scale is packed away) at the same as my prototype Lima JCP, approximately 10 grams overall.

    Execution is flawless. The fabric might be something like a blend of poly/cotton (?) but it is lightweight and soft-feeling. There is just enough "give" at the bottom (I wear mine so it folds slightly under). As received it is 3" wide by 4" long. "Stand-off" distance from a flat surface without the pillow measures 1 7/8" to a point on my Dark Star Gear Hitchiker; with the pillow, the same point sits 2 1/8" off the surface. This 1/4" net distance matches up with my subjective feel of it adding about 1/4" to the bottom "thickness" of the holster combo (Bear in mind, these are Harbor Freight tolerance measurements. ).

    ACP-W comes complete with a rectangle of the "other" side of velcro. I didn't need this, since I have a bunch of that material in place for my JCP and Dr. Scholl's Women's Gel Pad that I stick on the top side, to reduce irritation from my master grip when drawing/reholstering AIWB. But if you don't have any current ACP/JCP/Foam, you would use this velcro to stick onto your holster, then the ACP-W to the velcro. I wear mine slightly rotated off up and down axis, since it seems to fit my ah anatomy in that area better that way.

    I love it. I'll probably get another one after it is in stock for a while, so I can rotate them in through washing.

    If you want something besides a foam wedge, or a rubber cushion, that gives more comfort over an appendix-carried kydex holster, I would give this item a look, especially at this insane price point.

    New ACP next to current JCP Prototype Lima
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    ACP attached, ready for use.
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    Thanks for the support and thank you for taking time to share your initial impressions with everyone here.

    In regard to the fabric, it is 100% acrylic so it has a soft "hand" or feel but it is very durable. It is a performance fabric that is used in the marine industry quite extensively so it has many great properties for this purpose but the one downside is that it is limited in production so the color/shade of the pillows may change with the current supply of fabric that is available at any given time.

    We are happy to hear it is working for you and thanks again!

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    Appendix Carry Pillow - Wedge

    @Mack sent me two Appendix Carry Pillows for testing and evaluation. They arrived last Friday, and I immediately ripped open the package with the excitement of a kid on Christmas morning. My expectations were high, given that Mastermind is well-known for making innovative and high-quality gear. I wear their belts daily. Part of me secretly wanted my own hand-made pillows to be better than the commercial version I was about to try. It's been over 6 years since I first posted my design for the Junk Carry Pillow, and it's no understatement that the JCP has transformed appendix carry for me. The cushioning and flexibility of the JCP allowed me to carry a fairly large pistol comfortably while doing practically every type of activity, including hiking all day in rugged terrain.

    TLDR: the Mastermind Appendix Carry Pillow (ACP) exceeds expectations in every way, and is by far the best holster wedge ever produced. Anyone who carries AIWB should buy at least two (use one while the other is in the wash). At the price of $17 it's likely the best value you'll purchase this year.

    I like the shape, fabric, and especially the fill. And I admit that the ACP is better than even the best of my own hand-made pillows.

    The ACP breathes well, and even during a 3 hour drive yesterday in humid conditions, I barely noticed the CZ P-07 in my crotch. As well, the ACP fabric is soft and smooth, and doesn't pull on skin or underwear while bending and moving.

    The ~1/2" of pillow extending beyond the end of the holster provides the advantage of a longer holster without the added stiff plastic that can cause issues when bending over or doing ninja moves. The gun's grip is well-tucked (as with other wedges) but in a more flexible way. The ACP squishes when it needs to. No more weird contortions to tie shoes.

    The curved shape of the ACP eliminates corners, conforms well to the body. The added length of pillow wraps around and protects your 'parts' from the hard end of the holster.

    The folks at Mastermind did some serious research into high-end pillow-filling materials, and chose stuffing that provides just the right amount of loft and memory. How well the loft holds up over time is an open question, but I think it should be possible to fluff up the ACP if it flattens. And at $17, I wouldn't mind buying a new one every few years.

    The size of the ACP is just right for a full-size or compact handgun (e.g. Glock 34 to 19). It is larger than ideal for a subcompact (Glock 43 or p365), fixed blade knife, or mag pouch. I hope Mastermind releases a scaled-down ACP soon.

    Note: The ACP should be attached so about 1/2" hangs over the holster, and there is minimal thickness under the belt.

    I'll post another review after using the ACP for a few months.

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    @Mack is a class act. I had an inkling he'd do something like this. Well done, gents.
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    @Clusterfrack Thank you for taking the time to post and share such a detailed initial impression of your experience with the ACP.

    For anyone that is waiting on the next run of ACPs we are hopeful that by the weekend there will be another small run available.

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    ACPs Back in Stock

    ACPs are currently back in stock!

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