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Thread: FBI agent arrested in shooting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Lehr View Post
    I don't think beaten within an inch of your life before using a firearm in self defense is necessarily the case, howsomeever show me an agency policy or a state use of force statute (for events taking place outside your residence) that flat say 'get to shoot some one who is apparently unarmed with no actual physical contact.'

    That seems to be the theme of this particular story. As I said earlier, we need to know more, because, I tell you from a justified LE use-of-force perspective, this seems to be approaching clownshoes:

    Slaughter asked Valdivia for money and when Valdivia said that he didn't have any, Slaughter walked away spewing expletives, prosecutors said in court on Tuesday. Valdivia, who was promoted last year to a supervisory special agent, told Slaughter to watch his mouth. The FBI agent's response caused Slaughter to turn back around and get into Valdivia's face before two shots were fired, prosecutors said.

    As I noted earlier, there seems to be some blanks left unfilled.

    Also note, the judge OR'ed him.

    Continuing the conversation, if we are advocating shoot on harsh talk, why do I see all these pictures of folks EDC loadout with asps, oc's, clinchpics, etc.?

    Lethal force should be used when a person is faced with a force that a reasonable person would believe to be force likely to cause death or great bodily harm.

    This post sort of sums it up for me.

    It's interesting when there's thread about a UOF incident resulting in charges the non-LEOs are the first to say "This is a travesty! This is an affront to justice!" and the LEOs generally say "Hmm, I'll reserve judgement and probably shouldn't say anything" or maybe even point out where the LEO went wrong.

    I don't think this is a case of us eating our own.

    There's probably a lesson in there for the non-LEOs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cory View Post
    So we're still basing our entire judgment on CNN's journalistic integrity?
    Well, CNN quoted the indictment, prosecutors in court, and the State's Attorney at a press conference. Do you think they fabricated the quotes? There's no original reportage in the article.

    If it makes you feel better, Fox ran the AP's story (which is about the same as CNN's.)

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    I'll tell you one thing- if someone is getting aggressive with me I'm sure not going to tell them "watch your mouth". More details will come out at trial I imagine but it doesn't look good ATM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by psalms144.1 View Post
    Not sure about the FBI, but they took our OC away from us over a decade ago, replaced by Harry Potter wands, I mean 16" ASPs. Which not a single agent I know carries readily accessible on their person, because they suck at pretty much any application. Mine rides in my backpack, next to my spare cuffs and blow out kit, unless I'm kitting up for a planned operation.
    Lord. Give me OC any day over Taser and ASP batons. IMHO, expandable batons are largely useless and Tasers are at best bet 50/50 having any effect.

    When I first started in 1995 all we had was OC (CAPSTUN), sidearm (Sig P226 9mm), two reloads, handcuffs, a SL20, and an old school Kenwood walkie. The SL20 is the best impact weapon on the market...just my experience anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyotesfan97 View Post
    SOC MOB (Standing On Corner Minding Own Business) on the way to Bible study
    for you MHI fans
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    No first hand knowledge of the agent or the situation, but I do have experience with aggressive pan handlers. On two separate occasions I've had experience with them in downtown San Antonio, the first one ended peacefully, the second did not. I'd like to see the video too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bolt_Overide View Post
    No first hand knowledge of the agent or the situation, but I do have experience with aggressive pan handlers. On two separate occasions I've had experience with them in downtown San Antonio, the first one ended peacefully, the second did not. I'd like to see the video too.
    I’d like to hear more about your experiences as while San Antonio has the normal contingent of homeless and panhandlers you would expect in a large city with warm weather, the city (not just the PD) does not tolerate aggressive panhandling. Especially downtown. I would love to be able to say it was an altruistic spirit of law and order but it’s more likely related to the tourism industry.

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    First time I was walking from an appliance store on the south side of downtown to the shell station up the street to grab a drink while they were loading a fridge i just bought. Guy came out of the alley, asked for money, I honestly had no cash and said as much, he got irate and started cussing me and following me down the block, after a few seconds I turned and said something to the effect of are we going to have a fucking problem? He immediately went back to his alley. That was maybe 5 years ago?

    Second time was some bar I forget the name of on the north side of downtown, it was near one of the old missions. We came out to leave and there were a couple of them hanging around near our bikes. I told them to back off of our bikes, not cool to touch another mans scoot etc., one was rather drunk, got in my face and ended up shoved onto his ass. Nothing terribly dramatic, he was too drunk to get upright before we left, his buddy was fairly apologetic. I honestly don't recall which one asked for money, may have been the more polite one.

    Its bugging me I cant remember the name of that bar, may not be around any more as I google mapped downtown bars and nothing jogged my memory, that was maybe a year or so ago.

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    I wasn’t LE, but I was semisworn and worked alongside the deputies. They carried ASPs, and in all the bullshitting sessions over 20 years I never heard one dep bitch about their collapsible baton. What is the issue with them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GJM View Post


    That makes it almost impossible for loved ones of those killed in encounters with federal police to understand a person’s last moments...
    Hint: they were doing something illegal.
    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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