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Thread: C&H Precision Speed Feed EDC - Polymer - Initial Impressions

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    C&H Precision Speed Feed EDC - Polymer - Initial Impressions

    Good Afternoon To All,

    I wanted to post some initial impressions of the C&H Precision Speed Feed EDC.
    A small back story first: Many years ago, while hunting in Texas, I took a long slide down a muddy bank while wearing my Glock 20. The slide down the embankment packed the back strap gap full of Red River mud. The gun still functioned fine and it was a good opportunity to detail strip the 20, wash it out in creek water and continue on. Getting all the mud out of that space was a challenge though and prompted me to consider grip plugs for debris mitigation. I have installed plugs in most of my outdoors Glocks since that time.

    After picking up a Gen 5 17 and 45, I again began to look for a plug. I like the medium backstrap with a beavertail and wanted a plug that allowed me to continue to use them. This led me to C&H Precision Speed Feed. They have three different models based on material of construction and I opted for the polymer version as I did not want to add weight.

    I ordered two plugs on Thursday and a package from C&H showed up at my house on Saturday. Unfortunately when I opened the package there was only one plug inside. I checked my order and it did state two so I sent a follow up email to C&H. I will follow up once they contact me. The plug comes professionally packaged.

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    The plugs themselves are very well made. So much so that I when thinking of a description, the term precision polymer product, came to mind. My plug was flawless. The plug appears to be designed to fill the entire hole in the backstrap of the Glock frame and had a perfect fit. It also has a few nice features incorporated into the design. The first of these are indexting groves cut vertically into the plug. The groves correspond to small extensions in the Glock frame and help with the exceptional fit. The plug also has a small radius on the bottom that allows for the use of the Glock backstraps. Lastly the bottom of the plug is relieved to allow the shooter to get a thumb or finger into the bottom of the fram area to strip a stuck magazine if needed.

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    Installation is Glock stupid simple with one caveat. If you have installed a backstrap, you must remove it first and then insert the grip plug. No installation tools are shipped with the plug, so you have to supply your own 3/32 wrench. Simply insert the plug (reinstall the backstrap if needed) and tighten the set screw.

    Once it is in, it appears to be a part of the gun. The fit is that nice. I did practice some reloads and the plug did seem to slick things up a bit. Time will tell if it really improves reloading, but my first impressions are very positive.

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    With all these positives, does the C&H Precision Speed Feed have any negatives? Well the price is two to three times higher than other plugs on the market. The overall fit and quality of the plug as well as the innovation of design do warrant an steeper price than your normal 5 buck Ebay plug for sure, but they still seem a bit pricey. I hope that as they sell a bunch and recoup some of the R&D expenses to allow the price come down.

    I think folks who enjoy quality will not have a problem with the price, but 99 cent store shoppers will give it a hard pass. I think that is OK, because this product does not appear to be designed or produced for the bargain shopper. One thing that would make the price more palatable would be the inclusion of a 3/32 wrench for installation. I realize we should all have the proper tools at home, but sometimes I get a part in the mail, throw it in the range bag and head out to shoot. For the retail price, they can afford to include one.

    Overall C&H Precision has an exceptional product that not only works as advertised, but will most likely exceed the buyer expectations for fit and quality.
    I hope this helps out some Gen 5 users out there,
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    Thanks for the review and nice to hear it works with a backstrap.

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    Good review. These were developed with the input of our own @Gio, and I had the opportunity to T&E a Speed Feed Aluminum EDC model.

    Fit on my GEN5 G34 was tight, but as noted it blended into the frame and backstrap like an OEM part. I've used Pearce plugs for years, and the CHPWS product is noticeably superior in fit, design, and quality. It really does look like it is part of the gun.

    The ramp is functional. I've used it extensively in dry fire practice (some live fire too, but ammo pricing...) and found my reloads are more consistent with the Speed Feed. The occasional "hang-up" I would experience with no plug or the Pearce plug don't seem to happen with the Speed Feed...reloads just...go. No, it really isn't going to make you faster, but I've observed a material consistency benefit. I'll be purchasing some more for my other Glocks.
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    Thanks for the review. Will probably get one or two when I shoot SSP in IDPA, or carry optics in USPSA

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    What does this do differently than the $3 Jentra plug that's been on the market for twenty years?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevH View Post
    What does this do differently than the $3 Jentra plug that's been on the market for twenty years?
    Contour at the back is extremely forgiving on reloads. Pretty much impossible to hang up the rim of the top round in the mag on the edge of the grip plug the way I have seen with some other grip plugs.

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    Jentra plugs work fine and I have a couple of them in my Glocks. The main differences that I noticed were the Jentra plugs are hollow and don't fill the space in the grip, they also snap in place, you can't use one plug for gen 4&5 for use with back straps and the Jentra plug doesn't allow you to insert a digit behind a stuck magazine for easier removal. They both work, just one works better for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevH View Post
    What does this do differently than the $3 Jentra plug that's been on the market for twenty years?
    Realistically? It offers CHPWS an opportunity to continue to ignore quality control and customer service issues, by focusing on a new product, instead of fixing issues with existing ones. <-Not the first or only thread out there on the internet with the same issues.

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    Thanks for the review.

    Did I read correctly, these polymer plugs are priced at $37.95, each, plus shipping?

    Please let us know how C&H responds to the item missing from your order.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RevolverRob View Post
    Realistically? It offers CHPWS an opportunity to continue to ignore quality control and customer service issues, by focusing on a new product, instead of fixing issues with existing ones. <-Not the first or only thread out there on the internet with the same issues.
    this has been making the rounds on FB. Sounds like they need to make an official announcement
    TL: DR: Unexpected growth + poor hiring. Should be better now

    It's taken four days to craft this email. Why? Pride. LOTS OF PRIDE!
    The past four years have been like living in a hurricane. The pace of business slowly picks up speed, we think we can accommodate everyone's needs, then the wind speed picks up and you know you're in choppy seas, you make fixes, then things calm down, only to find out that was just the eye of the hurricane and you're in for round two of even worse weather.
    If you want to hear a story about uncontrollable growth, fathom this for a brief second; C&H Precision has grown 781% over this same time last year and 3,228% over this same point in time two years ago.
    I have poured my heart and soul into building a reputable brand over the past 10 years here at C&H Precision and in just a few short months, our reputation has been stained by a combination of events. 1. Bad hiring decisions due to lack of workforce during COVID. 2. Insufficient training of these new employees by myself due to lack of time or too much trust in the skills they claimed on their resume. 3. Lack of "give a shit" by several staff members (They either don't have a passion for the job or they lost the passion for the job). 4. Lastly and most important, Lack of Leadership and Mentoring of staff by myself. 15 months ago I knew I needed help and tried to hire a General Manager but the person my company needed and I wanted declined my offer so I continued to attempt to do everything myself.
    Over the past four years the biggest challenge has been hiring the right staff. We made the mistake of hiring some staff and thinking we could train them to be great, however, even with great training, if they don't possess or have the right attitude, the only thing they did was collect a paycheck and become great at masking mediocre work as high quality work which then ends up coming back to us to re-work or fix again.
    Over the past four months we've made some major changes behind the scenes. After seeking out some mentoring from several of my previous bosses from within my time in the DC area, they each reminded me that my most valuable skill set was not in the running or managing staff and day to day operations, but in solving technical issues, designing and developing new concepts or products, and collaborating with users or groups to solve urgent needs of operational forces.

    The Fix Is In!
    Change Of Command / New General Manager:
    In Feb we hired Dana Smith from NineLine. She has over 20 years of experience in everything from retail sales, to managing a large sales and production staff, production operations, sales and warranty operations within the firearms industry. She now runs and manages all day to day operations. Having her experience and outside perspective is helping us to streamline processes and improve efficiencies and get us to a place where we can continue to manage the growth of the business.
    Within her first few weeks she has become the catalyst for positive change and has implemented many new changes and improvements to the company.

    New Production Manager:
    In March we hired Chesnee Holly, the older of my three children. Over the past six years she has been studying Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Operations Management at Michigan State University. She might be young but she's interned with us and Bergara over the past five years and she's got the 'It' factor and is fantastic at planning and organizing operations. With the changes she put in place:
    Chesnee has been focused on revamping the production schedule to increase productivity and have better inventory tracking. This will only get better once we have fully integrated the new ERP software. We have also eliminated waste of both time and materials through the new processes she has been implementing.

    Screw Packing Machine:
    The first thing Dana identified when we came aboard for the massive output of labor to pack screws for every package. She immediately began a search for a fix. She found a company in China and within four weeks we'll have a new machine that sorts, counts, weighs, and marks every bag of screws for our production line. Here is the video of the machine they made for us.
    ERP Software:
    Over the past two months we've been integrating a new ERP system so we can better track every single aspect of slide milling and plate production. This software package will take a few months to start working efficiently but it's going to help tremendously.

    Getting Our House in Order:
    Over the past six weeks we've cleaned house. All employees identified as not being able to produce quality work or those lacking the proper "Give A Shit" are gone. We have redefined job roles and responsibilities to ensure we have the right people focused on the right things.
    Marketing / Social Media Manager:
    We recently hired a veteran Marine who graduates from SCAD today. He's extremely talented with social media, video production, photography and marketing.
    Web Page:
    We retained the services of a Beyond The Brand Media to completely revamp our web page for a better user experience.

    Family Owned and Operated Business:
    We are a small family owned and operated business and we take this very seriously. Between Dana and I we have five children, 9, 14, 16, 22, and 24 and every single one of them works within our company either part time or full time.
    We are not a company run by an MBA shirt and tie guy, nor are we a bureaucracy that takes weeks, months or years to change. We pride ourselves as leading from the front, being in the trenches everyday and we often make changes to a process immediately as needed to improve our customer experience.

    The Ask:
    I'm asking each of you to trust me, trust my instincts and trust my team. We are not perfect, we're never going to be perfect, but we will always strive to be somewhere close to perfect.
    If any of you, any of your colleagues or anyone you know feel they have not been serviced properly, have an issue, hear of an issue, or need assistance in any way, please contact me directly and Dana and I will ensure the issue is resolved ASAP.
    Thank you for your business and your endless support. I apologize if I've caused any of you any issues but I assure you we are doing everything in our power to make the proper changes and upgrades so none of these issues happen in the future.
    Buck Holly - Owner
    C&H Precision Weapons LLC
    459 Edsel Drive
    Richmond Hill GA 31324
    W: 912-445-5803”

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