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    New Book

    If you would like a clear, concise, quick read that will give you an accurate history of concealed carry laws and customs in the US, I highly recommend David Yamane’s new book.
    To get a copy, make a donation to .

    If you sign up as a monthly or annual member, you get a free copy of the book. David puts out a lot of well researched information about Gun Culture 2.0, and I think you should support his work.

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    Just finished the first chapter (there's only five). This seems very well researched and cited so far. When I went the SAF's policy conference in 2019, there were a lot of books gifted to guests as well as available for purchase. I presume that practice will be continued whenever they hold the next one in person again, and I believe this title would be a very appropriate addition.

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    I am definitely a fan of his. My copy arrived yesterday, and am looking forward to reading it this weekend.

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    Thank you for the link, Tom. Mr. Yamane's work is a breath of fresh air.
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    Didn't see a flat purchase option. I don't care to read e-books, and didn't care to spend $60.00 for an annual membership to get the book for free. So here you go:

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    The book appears to be available on Amazon for $11.95.

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    I got a physical copy from Amazon.

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    I ordered one from Amazon, and quite frankly, I was underwhelmed. I guess I knew more than I thought.
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