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Thread: Blue porch lights: "Light Ohio Blue"

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    Quote Originally Posted by willie View Post
    Reading between the lines, I sense many of us support the police but choose not to be identified with them. The term virtue signaling was used. I do not see this term fitting this context. In my case when I do install a blue porch light, I am not communicating or bragging about my beliefs so as to receive praise. Instead I'm saluting the beat cop who drives by every night. If the damn light makes them feel better, then that is my goal. I admit that a blue porch light will not increase my risks. Of course, I'm nearing the end of my life span, and I don't give a shit about some of the stuff that younger persons do.
    Completely agree. It is not virtue signalling. It is an act of respect.

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    I just took this picture of the front of my house. I donít care what anyone thinks...Iím blue...even though Iím retired. If anyone of my neighbors has an issue they can talk to me about it...

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