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Thread: Kershaw Leek alternative?

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    The Leek is a good knife, and not too expensive. If thatís what she likes, then thatís what you should get her.

    That said, I like the Spyderco Sage more than the Delica or Leek.

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    Late to the game, but I'd have offered up the Oso Sweet:

    I got my wife one several years back. No studs, only a flipper, and the clip doesn't look so much like a knife clip.
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    I love my Leek, but do prefer a blade with some belly to it. Have been carrying one of the Kershaw Emerson licensed knives for a year or so. Don't really need the pocket catch opening, but it's been a great all purpose knife. The Leek has become my "going to church" knife while the "Emerson" gets worked.

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