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Thread: Integrated Fight Methodology Phoenix, AZ 8/6-8/2021

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    Integrated Fight Methodology Phoenix, AZ 8/6-8/2021

    I am super, super happy (more than I can describe) to announce a special seminar this August in Phoenix. I will be joining up with two of my closest friends, Chris Fry and Larry Lindenman to teach how to integrate multiple skill sets into a cohesive fighting package for self-defense.

    We will cover a range of modalities to include MUC (managing unknown contacts - Craig Douglas' concept), using a small folding knife, small impact weapons (sap and blackjack), standing clinch, basic takedowns and throws, dirty boxing (striking while entangled), and weapon disarms and retention. We will be focused on how these disparate methods blend together to help ensure we can dominate against a violent criminal attacker. At the end of each day there will be a scenario training evolution to help the student pressure test the relevant techniques, and help to ingrain them.

    Friday will be three hours from 6-9, and Saturday and Sunday will be 9+ hours with two hour blocks.

    This is a very special and unique event that will teach things not often taught. And it will be fun as well! Cost is only $400 and can be found here:
    For info about training or to contact me:
    Immediate Action Combatives

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    Looking forward to it.

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