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What AGB would you recommend? I have not heard of any DI gas block that is reliable and also easy to adjust, outside of maybe the Novseke Switchblock, Seekins Select, or now discontinued MicroMOA Govnah. The SLRs seem to be decent if you're okay with set-and-forget, same with the Superlative, but both seem to have a enough failures to make me leery (though SLR is suppose to have excellent CS).

I don't really see the point of shooting unsuppressed once you have a can, outside of niche situations or if you a bitch, so I would personally just go for something like the BRT inserts or gas tubes and tune to gun to run suppressed only. Use an LMT e-BCG and A5 system to give a larger operating window. I have a Govnah on my 14.5", and I guess its nice enough, but honestly for my upcoming 10.3", which will be the only rifle I'll want to have for mixed use (if only because the can will be removed to keep it easier to transport when combined with a folder), I'll probably skip out on using my last Govnah on, just don't see the juice being worth the squeeze when a decent port size combined with other measures should have it work good enough.
Superlative AGB.