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Thread: Smoke em if you got em.

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    Smoke em if you got em.

    Donít know if the forum software will support this

    Great situational awareness and way to use what you have. Shooting weak hand too!
    Pointing at cardboard things....

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    That was a gas.

    (I'd seen it before, recently.)
    ...and just like that, I woke up one morning and the America I knew and loved was gone.

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    In case the original links donít work:

    Pointing at cardboard things....

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    I feel like the gas station should have comped that person that fill-up, including the fuel sprayed on the would-be carjackers, what with how they stopped a crime on the gas station's premises.

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    Shooting that many gallons? In this economy?! Fugghetaboutit
    Gaming will get you killed in the streets. Dueling will get you killed in the fields.
    -Alexander Hamilton

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    Where's a road flare when you need one!

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    He did good to spot the third guy, coming around the other side of the car.

    And the open van door was a sweet target of opportunity. That van will never smell the same. #Vanlife

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    Another low Standard..I canít watch media like this, it just fuels my insecurities ...Iíll just go back into my Shell

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