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Thread: AAR: ONSIGHT FIREARMS TRAINING: Defensive Pistol Accuracy & Accountability 4-24-21 Bo

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    AAR: ONSIGHT FIREARMS TRAINING: Defensive Pistol Accuracy & Accountability 4-24-21 Bo

    Defensive Pistol Accuracy and Accountability
    April 24, 2021​

    Instructor: Ben DeWalt, Rachel Maloney
    Location: Worcester Pistol Club, Boylston, MA
    Weather: 50’s sunny, mild wind
    Round Count: 400 +/-
    Class size: 16

    This class was a GOAL fundraiser, thank you Jon Green for making this happen! MORE PLEASE!

    We started off with the normal introductions of the two Onsight Firearms Instructors, the GOAL staff people, and then each of us students, who we were? our shooting background and what we wanted to get out of today's class. Ben is a big advocate of having a plan on what you want to accomplish for the shooting session. As the price of ammo has gone all “RICKY BOBBY”…. Ben’s philosophy is that you need to figure out what are the skills you plan on working on and make each and every shot count. My plan was to work on my 15-25 yard game.

    I was felt very comfortable in this class as I knew 80% of the student body…it felt like shooting with your good friends. Ben has an extremely high repeat customer base, that says a lot of his classes, pricing structure, content, teaching style, and overall experience. You should GO!

    Ben had his safety briefing and medical briefing identifying the highly trained medical students in the class. If there was a training accident, how and what was going to be done. Students were given responsibilities of either calling higher medical care, assisting Ben with the care, gate opening or being a runner to bring the ambulance directly to where we were located.

    Ben demonstrated his preferred draw a few times walking us through each step. We lined up on the line with cold guns and practiced our draw from the holster. Ben walked the line and corrected students that needed some tweaks on the draw or the two-handed grip. We loaded our guns and put them back in their holsters. It was GO TIME!

    We started off with ten shots into a B8 from the 15 slow accurate fire and then moved back to the 25. There was no time limit and the goal was to fire your ten shots at your most accurate pace. Marksmanship over speed. The speed drills will come later in the day.

    We shot from the five-yard line to the 25 and everything in between. Ben and Rachel came around and gave us tips to dial ourselves in and make better hits. Grip and thumbs are where it is at… There were single shots and multiple shots to see how our grip held. Then Ben brought out the dreaded shot timer (I HATE THAT THING!) We shot as a group and then individually.

    After lunch paper was traded out for steel targets. They were set up as hostage targets. Two Steel targets per person. Don’t kill the innocent! We ran them hard as a group and then one by one on the timer trying to get our single shot down while still hitting the target and not the hostage. Ben gave the class some coaching on how to get the pistol out fast and then slow it down before you confirm your sights and press the trigger. (YOU DO NOT PULL OR SQUEEZE TRIGGERS… YOU PRESS IT.)

    Single-shot on the steel target, up to ten shots. On some drills, we had merciful par times and In other iterations, the par times were very aggressive.

    We had a great day, Ben’s classes are always informative, fun and the other students are rooting for each other to succeed. . I really like Ben. He is super knowledgeable, skillful, funny, humble, and sometimes appropriately inappropriate. As the day goes on Ben’s jokes go downhill. He is a down-to-earth dude, easy to talk to fun to be around. I think Ben DeWalt and OnSight Firearms Training is one of the best training companies, absolutely take his class if you have the opportunity.

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    I have taken three classes with Ben and Rachel and intend to do so again when my schedule coincides with their course offerings in Virginia.
    Completely satisfied.

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