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Thread: Folding stock M&P 15/22 SBR project.

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    Folding stock M&P 15/22 SBR project.

    I started this little folding 15/22 a while back, the form 1 and my free time cleared up around the same so I slapped her together. When I initially started looking around the web, searching for how other people did this i kinda found Jack shit ( I will also tell you I am not the best internet-er) a video of some kid who did one shooting his, and a bunch of stuff from 2002 and people making adapters in their garage around that time as well. So for posterity I give to you a 3/4 ass account of how I did mine that is at least from this decade.

    M&P 15/22 SBR.
    APG arms folding stock.
    Folding stock adapter from (...I know)
    Wood rasp
    Three drill bits
    A few files for fine tuning and breaking the edges of the new "socket" that will accommodate the adapter.
    Attachment 70377

    First thing is to remove the faux buffer tube. I used an electric cutting tool because thats what was on hand but a hand saw would be fine. My cut left about 1/8 of tube on the reciever. Use wood rasp and flush things up then fine tune with hand file. Use needle file or small file to break inner rim and sandpaper to smooth things out.
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    Next the folding stock adapter was inserted after a little bit of sandpaper to the Inside of the socket area. Fitment between the lower reciever and the adapter are extremely tight. There are two holes in the adapter which require holes be drilled through the plastic wall in the back of the socket area to the flat backside. At this point I attached the stock to the adapter before doing the final drilling to insure it installs straight on the reciever. After final fitment two holes are drilled (center hole for bolt to attach adapter to reciever, offset hole for roll pin) adapter is attached and stock is ready to install. I was required to do the roll pin portion a bit different from the instructions due to how tight the fit between the adapter and reciever. Stock is straight forward to install. Slap it on and lock tight all the things.
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    íVoila a fun little folding 15/22!
    Agp stock is nice for what I'm asking of it. More than adequate for this roll but would not choose for any larger caliber personally. With the adapter adding a bit of length the LOP comes out identical to an A1 stock. Overall it was a fun installation with the cutting and drilling and whatnot and the result is an extremely fun little .22!
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    OK that's just cool right there.

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    Very neat! Nicely done.

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