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Thread: Relocating Serial Number?

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    Relocating Serial Number?

    This is not exactly an NFA question, but I thought most of the folks here might have some knowledge.

    I have a Beretta shotgun that is a sporting model (Extreama 2) that is my all around 12g auto, and lately I have been dabbling in three gun and have been using it. I would like to open up the loading port, and grinding on stuff like this is well within my redneck abilities, but... the serial number is in the way.

    I understand the serial number needs to stay on the gun at all times, but could I take it and have the same number engraved a little higher up on the receiver before I started grinding? A little bit of searching mainly refers to restoring serial numbers, but I just want to move it. There is a local shop that engraves NFA guns, I am just wondering what to expect if I approach them with the project. If it requires some FFL process or approval I will probably go in a different direction.

    Thanks in advance if anybody knows. If it is a PITA I might just grind one side, it would be the side that would be most important to me, being right handed. I really do not want to buy a dedicated three gun shotgun that would be doing exactly the same thing as the gun that is already in the safe.

    ETA: or if a licensed gunsmith, Like Rose Action Sports could relocate the number AND grind it away for me, that would help justify sending it away. But if I could run it up the street to the engraver guy and then bring it back and work on it myself, that would be preferable, I actually enjoy projects like this and get satisfaction from doing it myself.
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    Not another dime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OlongJohnson View Post
    Quickly found this thread:
    I didn't find anything that definitive. That thread asserts that not only does a gunsmith need to do it, they need to file some kind of documentation to do so.

    Pretty sure this is going to be one of those juice and squeeze kinda deals.

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