This class teaches the mechanical and mental skills of defensive pistol use and focuses on accountability. Accountability for where every bullet impacts, accountability of muzzle direction at all times, accountability for decisions made under extreme stress in real time.

This course presents technical proficiency in the use of a handgun within the context of personal defense. This course is coaching intensive: This means that each client will receive time with the instructors examining what they are doing, offering suggestions for improvement, and helping work through the best approach for them to the use of their pistol. To give an example of the kind of coaching involved, here's an excerpt from a social media post by Tom Givens about a recent Rangemaster Instructor course he presented where Ashton and I assisted:

Heather Reeves came into the class thinking she might be in over her head. In the limited amount of shooting we did on day one, she was, frankly, in the bottom half of the class. Tim Chandler and Ashton Ray were working with me as A.I.s. Heather said to them, I am here to learn, I am coachable. Please help me. Both of them gave her some advice and tips on day two, and she promptly did everything they suggested. Her shooting improved drastically as the day wore on. On the third day, she shot 100% on the FBI qualification, 98.4% on the Rangemaster qualification, and made 100% on the written test, earning her the Top Gun award for the class, out of 21 students."

Our goal with this class is to help people who are safe and competent with their pistol to become truly proficient. To be blunt, the goal is to present a program that gets the same sort of dramatic performance gains that Aim Fast, Hit Fast used to offer. I don't say that lightly.

This is not an entry level class. If you can draw safely and hit a 3x5 card at 7 yards on demand in slow fire, we can help you get better.

Topics covered:

Pistol Fundamentals, under stress, and at speed.
Refining the presentation from the holster.
Risk averse gun handling.
Gear selection.
Ammunition selection.
Gear Required:
Note taking material
Suitable Handgun (.380 cal or greater)
Suitable Holster (No Serpa)
Minimum 3 magazines (more is better)
Eye and Ear Protection (filtered/powered ear pro required)
Brimmed hat (baseball cap)
800 rounds of factory FMJ ammo unless required to use issued duty ammunition (more is better)
Bring a food for a working lunch