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Thread: HRT #4

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    HRT #4

    Iím not in the market, but hopefully someone here is.

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    Almost $3500
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    No, but if I had cash to burn Iíd spend it on 1911ís like this.

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    Very pretty piece.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyotesfan97 View Post
    Almost $3500
    Isnít that what a high end 1911 is going to run without the providence?

    I keep trying to think how I can diversify some of my investments - but this pistol isnít on the Kalifornia roster.

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    I wonder how high it will go. $3400ish is what a Professional with light rail will cost from the custom shop right now, and thatís without the HRT serial number and Ken Hackathorn ownership.
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    I'm surprised it's not higher already. I've seen FBI-prefix S/N Pro's go for over $10k. Never seen an HRT S/N for sale.

    I need to quit looking at it, because I'm getting tempted to bid.

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    That is really something. I'd be shooting it and getting is scuffed up.

    And I'd prefer a ledge rear sight . . . LOL
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    If he's really thinning the herd, these are just teasers.
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    8 hours left, that has the makings of a great deal. I can't afford it, regardless

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