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Thread: Holster question- I screwed up somehow

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    I will join the anti-“hybrid” chorus. The hybrid holster is a flawed concept, at least for autos, in my opinion. The reasons are listed, plentifully, in posts that are easily found, so I will not aggravate my hand any worse, by typing a booklet.

    JMCK is a good place to start looking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 358156hp View Post
    I've really been happy with hybrid IWB holsters, primarily Crossbreed, but I seem to have screwed up. I bought/built a P320 Compact for CCW, and mounted an RMR on it, then added a Streamlight TLR7 light. Now I need to find another holster maker since Crossbreed only accommodates Crimson Trace, and that's for lasers only. So I have this new pistol that I need to find a holster maker for. To add to the issue, I'm left-handed as well.

    Any suggestions on where to look? I can't be the only Crossbreed heretic. Or do I need to only carry without a WML?

    Partial solution for you:

    Hidden Hybrid holsters has left handed P320 RX compact options with lights, but they only offer for the APLc and PL-Mini2. If you contact them, they might be able to work with a TLR-7.

    I personally love the holsters and have them for all the guns I would normally carry.

    Excellent quality.

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    I know the prevailing sentiment here is full kydex, but I personally think there are very distinct advantages to a hybrid for a carry gun.
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    I will mention the PHLster Floodlight IWB as a viable option as well.

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    Wow, lots of good options here. Now to do my research.

    Thank all of you for sharing this information with me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 358156hp View Post
    Wow, lots of good options here. Now to do my research.

    Thank all of you for sharing this information with me.
    Good call on keeping an open mind. Keep in mind that JMCK offers a forum discount.

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    For context, I was an early adopter of hybrid holsters, running one of the first crossbreed tuckables in the early oughties. My problem with it was that the top of the leather tended to roll outward over time, eventually interfering with the trigger during reholstering.

    10 years later our favored JMCK and JRC came up with a high quality hybrid and I tried it:

    There were issues because of the thinness of the 1911 I was running and JMCK and I decided it was a tough hill to climb. I did not pursue it aggressively -- Tony was /crazy/ helpful, but I didn't take the time to bring it to resolution -- because the hybrid also creates a seperate problem wiht belt position for me.

    Any holster with wide spread loops -- whether these hybrids, or a pancake, or an excellent holster like the Milt Sparks Versamax -- tends to walk backwards on my body through the day. I prefer to carry either IWB or at the point of the hip (3:00), as it grants me the best control over the firearm and my cover garment. Wearing guns further back (4:00, 'behind the hip') tends to allow carry garments to hang up and expose the firearm, and the gun prints more at the point of the mainspring housing.

    I therefore have come to prefer loop-over-body holsters for strongside carry, like the Milt Sparks EX-RSO ( or its kydex analogues like JMCK's IWB3.

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    I'm a fan of leather and kydex, just not in the same holster. For leather, I recommend 5shot, Milt Sparks, Andrews. For kydex, I'm currently favoring Dark Star Gear, Phlster, Henry

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