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Thread: Grip Texture and Design

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    Human hands are all kinds of different shapes and sizes. Personally, I greatly prefer the slab sidedness of Hogue G10 grips on a classic Sig compared to the long oval cross section of factory poly grips. And I really like the USP. Don't do so well with P30 or 1911.
    I don't disagree, but my point is that there there's a certain concave shape regardless, unless we extend our fingers all the way back, which is where the whole verbiage of calling something a palm swell comes from.
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    I'd argue that it's that most gun owners do not shoot enough to care.

    I highly suspect most gun owners (I would argue as high as 80% if not higher) buy a gun, put 100 rounds through it a year at a max declare it super reliable and "more than accurate for their needs" despite only being able to get a 4" group at 7 yards with it throw in the gun safe and then pop on the internet to shit talk every gun company that isn't the one they chose.

    If they shot a more all the little things that start to bother us like lack of grip texture, slide stop size and placement, sight shape etc would matter more.

    I mean case in point look at the Glock Striker Control Device is in my opinion and the opinon of many of the people on this forum an absolute must have add on to any Glock but when it was posted about on Firearm Blog most comments were like "I've never shot my self; this is stupid and unneeded." and if you shoot 100 rounds a year it probably isn't really "needed."

    The reason I come to this forum and the Brian Enos forums over most of the other forums is this place is full of people that actually shoot.
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    I like the rubber Talon grip, it is very good on my small guns but when I put it on my Plastic M&P 1.0, it bulked the grip up from medium to large. I think I will see if I can get it off except for the front strap.

    A friend got grit tape for her G34 and I saw her rubbing an area with a rock at the range the first time out. She got that one place smoothed enough for comfort and likes the "grab" of the rest of the handle.
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