Our annual Rangemaster Instructor Reunion & Conference is shaping up to be an epic event. We’ll be in Athens, GA, using a very nice Civic Center auditorium for a classroom and an outdoor range nearby. The range work will be first thing in the morning both days, to beat the heat. We have a very good range plan requiring only 268 rounds total, but with every round fired with a learning objective.

Classroom work will include a session on marketing for firearms instructors, a block on post-shooting investigation/interpretation of evidence, and the mental/psychological aspects of successful self defense. Blocks will be presented by Tiffany Johnson, Aqil Qadir, John Hearne and Lee Weems, along with comments by Tom & Lynn. This is the 25th anniversary of Rangemaster’s instructor development program and we have an excellent learning opportunity prepared for you. To attend, you must have graduated from at least one Rangemaster instructor course, anywhere.