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Thread: Consolidation Sale: Begara 6.5 HMR

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    Consolidation Sale: Begara 6.5 HMR

    Have a lot of irons in the fire and am looking to consolidate what I have and get those set up exactly like I want for my current situation.

    First up:

    1.Begara HMR with Vortex PST gen 2 3-15 Mrad with harris bipod. Gun has exactly 49 rounds through it, was grouping right under 1 inch with my skill at 100 using hornady. Scope was professionaly mounted. I zeroed it and stopped messing with it because of time. Ding on the bolt handle from delivery to my ffl, easily replaced but price reflects the little bit of cosmetic damage.



    I'll send it in a nice hardcase and inside of it in a safe case.

    This whole setup with bipod would run right around 1900.

    I'll sell the package for $1650 shipped.
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    Let's try 1600

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    Last drop. 1550

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