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Thread: Bolke/Haggard/Burch Fighting in an NPE October 1-3, 2021 Wisconsin

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    Bolke/Haggard/Burch Fighting in an NPE October 1-3, 2021 Wisconsin

    This is the inaugural offering of a class that myself, Darryl Bolke and Chuck Haggard have been working on for a while. We know that people can't always carry full size guns, and rarely do the standard shooting class offerings allow you to truly work the small gun in the context that you would be needing to use it the most, so we have built a class for the real world and under those considerations.

    It is 3 hours on a Friday night, and all day Saturday and Sunday with a mix of live-fire, hands on, lecture, and scenario work. Total cost will be $500 and to sign up, you can contact Robin at

    There are two kind of handguns that we can use for self-defense – Going to Trouble guns, and Getting Out of Trouble guns. While we would all prefer to carry full size duty guns with multiple spare magazines (Going to Trouble guns) as our EDC set up, the fact is that most of us cannot 100% of the time. Because of various restrictions – whether legal, social, or environmental, we often have to defend ourselves with gear that may not be the best when we are shooting fancy drills on the square range (i.e. Getting Out of Trouble guns). Instead of bemoaning that truth, we need to spend the time working on being able to run our actual carry to the best of our ability. That is what this course is all about.

    In this class, we will look at how to effectively shoot and manage the smaller handguns that are typical of a non-permissive environment – i.e. snub revolvers and small autos like the G43 or LCP. We will learn to maximize our performance in shooting as well as accessing and drawing these guns. We will also integrate the shooting with understanding how to recognize and deal with impending violent criminal assault, and how to use OC spray and physical responses alongside our firearms. Most importantly, we will put these practices into actual use the exact same way we will have to use them in the real world; NOT the artificial constraints of a flat range.

    Students should be ready to work hard, but everyone can go at the most appropriate pace they need. This is not a class for “operators”. This is a course for everyday folks who want to defend themselves and their loved ones from realistic threats, and your physical condition or experience level does not matter.
    Students will need their carry gun, as many spare ammo carrier/loader set ups as they can manage, a quality holster (no SERPAs or FOBUS rigs allowed), 300 rounds of ammo, one blue gun and holster for the blue gun, notebook and pen, and an open mind. Also, this will be an opportunity to try different carry positions such as pocket or ankle. There will also be time and opportunity to try out other small guns that the student may not have the chance to run before.

    Friday – Intro to pre-assault cues, pre-fight threat containment and MUC, OC use, and live fire safety briefing

    Sat – 1st block: live fire, familiarity with drawstroke from various carry positions, tricks with small guns
    2nd block: MUC and reactive or proactive physical response
    3rd block: OC usage drilling and integration with verbals and movement, congruency with physical responses
    4th block: live fire

    Sunday – 1st block: live fire
    2nd block: defending against the entanglement
    3rd block: moving in crowds with a gun in hand (blue gun)
    4th block: final drill/test
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    For info about training or to contact me:
    Immediate Action Combatives

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    Where in Wisconsin?
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    This looks awesome. Hopefully you guys offer it in OK/DFW in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ST911 View Post
    Where in Wisconsin?
    For info about training or to contact me:
    Immediate Action Combatives

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    I will be lobbying The Boss hard to go to this one, and I've already contacted Robin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bratch View Post
    This looks awesome. Hopefully you guys offer it in OK/DFW in the future.
    +1! Or farther south and east.

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    This looks terrific.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark D View Post
    This looks terrific.
    Yes. Yes it does.
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    Massive run on j frame blue guns in 3... 2...

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    Oh, My. LaCrosse is a bit over an hour's drive....
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