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Thread: DFW. April 17. Women’s self protection seminar

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    DFW. April 17. Women’s self protection seminar

    Citizen Defense Research

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    Description: Self-protection carries unique challenges for women, who are statistically more likely to suffer violence across a broader spectrum of threats, and typically do so at a physical disadvantage. The key to overcoming those disadvantages is a realistic understanding of the problems faced, and familiarity with efficient solutions.
    Citizen Defense Research’s “Personal Protection for Women” is a four-hour seminar* focused on helping women keep themselves safe. The goal is to provide students the knowledge and skills to avoid, deter, recognize, and if necessary escape or prevail in an encounter with anyone who wishes them harm, be it a stranger or acquaintance. Specific areas of emphasis during the seminar include understanding common threats and danger areas, how predators select their targets, deterrence, recognizing pre-assault indicators, use of verbal skills and managing physical distance when dealing with unknown persons, use of OC/pepper spray, and more.
    Our priority is a relaxed, low-pressure learning environment where everyone can grow in their understanding of the problems they might face and how best to address them within the context of their life.
    *The seminar will involve presentation/discussion, as well as practical exercises and scenarios using verbal role-play and inert training pepper spray canisters containing water to practice dealing with potentially threatening encounters, and provide students with the mental framework and physical skills for common real-life scenarios.

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    I would enjoy listening to that class, but have a previous commitment.

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