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Thread: Daunte Wright shooting Brooklyn MN

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    About to kick off, live feed here.

    LRAD at the ready.

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    "carbine-infested rural (and suburban) areas"
    Quote Originally Posted by peterb View Post
    Anytime you have repeated “training issues” or “pilot error” it is reasonable to look for design errors. (Serpa, for example, or controls in aircraft)

    Having two actions with different intents that both include “point black gun-shaped thing at suspect, pull trigger” may not be the best idea.

    We know that people get wires crossed under stress. If the brain is thinking “Taser” and there’s a pistol in the hand, you want every sense to be feeding back “Wait! Stop! Something’s not right here!”. Make it look VERY different. Make it feel VERY different. This might be a case where suboptimal ergonomics would be a functional improvement.
    This is where my head has been this afternoon. Essentially, to Tase a subject who is by definition someone who doesn't need to be shot, you have to "point a gun" at them.

    It seems like a total rethink of the technology delivery mechanism that stacks a bunch of layers of "nothing at all like pointing a handgun" on it could be beneficial. Something that operates on completely different neural pathways.
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    The memes have started. Means it’s serious...

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    Quote Originally Posted by wvincent View Post
    My 1911/2011 elitism asks how do you get more suboptimal ergonomics than a Glock?
    Seriously though, if you make the Taser worse in the hand, won't that just make it harder to use under stress? Maybe the mere existence of the Taser on the duty belt is the problem?
    Maybe the taser should be shaped like a USFA Zip. Seriously. No way you'll confuse that and your pistol in a stressful situstion.

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    Hard to confuse this with a Taser.

    We may lose and we may win, but we will never be hear again.......

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    Hardware solution
    Baton shaped Taser, grip safeties spaced apart nothing like pistol grasp.
    And if the zap didn't work, you could hit him with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Totem Polar View Post

    Incredibly, it looks like the MPD has just landed the opportunity to pull a hat trick on the three largest wrongful death payouts in US police history.
    This was north of Minneapolis in one of its suburbs, so it actually wasn't MPD. The smaller suburb might have a tougher time paying out a large settlement than Minneapolis would have.

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    Thumbs up

    Social workers with badge and Glock.

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    I took a quick view of the Donut Operator breakdown, linked below. Even more than Taser shaping and holster locations, the point that was brought up by the video host was the amount of stress the officer felt herself appeared disproportinate to the actual situation. I get that's easy for me to say from the comfort of my home, but I'm here for more support and funding of law enforcement training, and certainly not less.

    Quote Originally Posted by Coyotesfan97 View Post
    ETA RJ I suspect not enough stress inoculation and training.
    I hate to think that this will all just get worse, when there are ways (on so many sides) to start making it better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by peterb View Post
    Make it look VERY different. Make it feel VERY different. This might be a case where suboptimal ergonomics would be a functional improvement.
    Shape them something like this. No trigger or grip.

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