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Thread: Daunte Wright shooting Brooklyn MN

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    Daunte Wright shooting Brooklyn MN

    OIS, rumors of riot control unit surrounded by protesters.

    Shooting video.


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    Delightful. As if the trial wasn't going to cause enough of a shit show already, now there will be more fuel for the fire, regardless of whether the Brooklyn Center cops got it 100% right, 100% wrong, or somewhere in between. Just what this metro area needed more of.

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    Sounds like that SOB would’ve rather have a dead cop
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    Would somebody please punch him in the face and tell him he's not helping?
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    Wow, that is seriously messed up.
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    That guy comes off as a bit of an asshole.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Totem Polar View Post
    That guy comes off as a bit of an asshole.
    What would it take to qualify as a REAL asshole?😁

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleLebowski View Post
    Well, they looted a Footlocker in Daunte’s name.
    That sort of behavior is always confusing to me. Police did something we didn't like, so let's break things and steal things from businesses that had nothing to do with the incident in question? Not exactly effective revenge. If they believe the police did something wrong (entirely possible, of course), then the protest/riot outside the police station at least made some kind of sense, but looting businesses is just throwing a childish tantrum.

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