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Thread: Shoot Me Vest: When Did I Get Old?

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    This thread made me look for my old Royal Robbins vest. I found it in the back of my closet. It's got some history to it; for part of my deployment in Afghanistan in 03/04 I was in a non-uniform billet and it got some use over there. Those pockets that look like they're there for M16 magazines? They're decorative...I spent most of one night sewing one back up after the mag wore through it. PMAGs might've been okay if they'd been invented back then.

    Y'all have me wondering if it would be fashionable again.

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    This thread is like someone was peeking into my mind.

    I have a couple “Shoot me first” vests that don’t get much wear since our local IDPAish clubs broke away from the mothership and no one requires concealment at matches anymore. In the summertime I normally resort to my collection of XXL button up shirts for EDC concealment. The other three seasons see me wearing a Wolverine or Carhartt fleece lined vest and that’s where I’ve gotten spoiled.

    Lately I’ve been shooting a lot of five stand and sporting clays. I’m a firm believer that specialization is for insects so the typical clay sport vest is just comical looking to me. I dump 25 12ga shells in the left slash pocket of the Wolverine vest I wore to the range and feed the shotgun from there with my 1911/GP100/gun d’jour, spare ammo and Izula concealed under the vest. Unfortunately the three cooler seasons are apparently done for a while and old faithful is too warm. I made it thru 100 rounds of sporting clays last weekend using a small dump pouch attached to my belt but I really want an unlined Carhartt/Wolverine with a clean right shoulder and ample slash pockets, all made stout enough to support shells/IFAK/gear without looking tacticool or like I took a wrong turn in Nairobi.

    I Googlefu’d last night till I tapped out.

    I’ll second or third the Hill People Gear kit bag suggestion for woods wear. I did a stint with the Forestry Dept assessing trees in the forest a couple years ago. The HPG bag was perfect for carrying a DBH tape measure, binos, flagging tape, markers notebook, camera, cell phone, GPS and a pistol while bouncing around in the woods and didn’t draw a second glance from hikers I met. The clipboard did seem to be out of place though...

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