View Poll Results: Who is the best James Bond actor except for Sean Connery?

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  • George Lazenby

    3 3.37%
  • Roger Moore

    7 7.87%
  • Timothy Dalton

    4 4.49%
  • Pierce Brosnan

    9 10.11%
  • Daniel Craig

    66 74.16%
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Thread: Best Bond actor (except for Sean Connery)

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    Best Bond actor except for Sean Connery

    I'm pretty sure, if I were to ask for the greatest James Bond actor of all time, Sean Connery would win. But except for him, who's the best Bond?
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    That's a hard choice. They've all had good and bad runs (except for Lazenby, who had one that was both good and bad).

    Moore in "Man with the Golden Gun"? Good. Moore in "Moonraker" and "A View to a Kill"? Awful.

    Dalton in "License to Kill"? Good. Dalton in "The Living Daylights"? Not so good.
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    I like the direction the Bond movies went in with Daniel Craig. Not only his portrayal of the character, but a slightly less campy more human feel to the movies. I mean, Quantum of Solace was more or less about Bond's personal quest for revenge.

    Casino Royale (2006) remains my favorite Bond film.

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    Im a Boomer, and went with Daniel Craig. In fact I think hes tied with Sean Connery as the prototype MI6 hard man assassin in a Savile Row suit.
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    I'm partial to Daniel Craig, but he couldn't really pull off that effortless charm. I think Brosnan had the charm, but he didn't have an edge.

    If Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan had a baby, it'd come in second after Sean Connery.
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    My first exposure to James Bond was Roger Moore. But I always thought Timothy Dalton had that cheeky spy look about him and The Living Daylights was released right when I was starting to go to movies without adults. Though I have never read the Bond novels, I have read posts from those that have that said Dalton in License to Kill was the closest to the Bond from the novels.
    I do prefer the special effects of the Craig Bond movies.

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    Loved Rodger Moore when I was a kid growing up.

    Once I became an adult I would look at those movies and go " what was I thinking!?"

    I loved Craig in Casino Royale. His other ones have been more so so to me.

    Read an interesting article one day about how the bond we had was the right Bond for the times. The 70s was a time of camp and a campy Bond was good for that time. If you took a copy of Casino Royale with Craig into a time machine and took it back into the 1970's, many people would just outright die in the theater. Probably wouldn't even be able to squeeze a Rated-R out of that.

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    Big fan of all the books, but especially the first 4-5. Daniel Craig is the closest to the sociopath that Fleming wrote; in what I think is the truest form of Bond. Once the movies started, Fleming kind of cleaned up Bond and he was not the same character as in earlier books.

    As a result, I'm inclined to like the original Bond and the actor that gets closest to him.
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    All of those movies were of a time, so Bond had to deal death and lay pipe in ways that censors and audiences would tolerate.

    Moore was a victim of making the franchise a comedy, so he was too ridiculous too many times for me.

    Dalton and Brosnan were improvements.

    Craig nailed it in a way thats right for the early 21st century.

    Id like to see a young Connery turned loose on a Craig script.

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    Lashana Lynch

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