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Thread: JCN’s take on modern fighting revolvers

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    I’ve thought about what would make my ideal fighting revolver given my individual circumstances. I’m no SME, but *for me* if there was some kind of small enclosed emitter RDS that could be mounted low on something like my 3” K6s, it would meet my needs rather nicely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JCN View Post
    Going to take the plunge and have the original Nightguard cylinder cut for moon clips and rechambered in 9mm...
    Thats a bold move Cotton

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    First: JCN needs to get out of my head.

    Second: What brand of mount are you using for the Holosun?

    My revolver pile is nearly identical and I've had the urge to modify some of my Nightguards with a 9mm clip conversion also. I haven't because I felt like it would break some sort of cosmic rule. I may jump into the pool now or wait to see a report on how it turns out. The Nighthawk is a really neat revolver and mine is already worn enough to not be a collectors piece but it still sits mostly unused.

    Anyone: Who is generally considered to be the best 9mm conversion guys these days?
    My apologies to weasels.

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