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Thread: Skilhunt E3A: Great $10 keychain light

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    Skilhunt E3A: Great $10 keychain light

    Impressive little light for the price. Most tiny lights ramp down over the battery life but this one can sustain 100 lumens for an hour with a regular AAA eneloop and more with lithium batteries if that's your thing. I blew $3 extra for the "High CRI" model on Amazon for $12.90. The regular $9.90 model casts more blueish 6500K light but is probably slightly brighter. Either way I'd recommend going with the type III anodized slate body color since it's operated by twisting the head. It seems very well built but I've only been carrying it a few days. A "low" mode would be nice but that would probably increase the size.

    Only slightly bigger than the AAA that goes into it

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    Bought one. There was also a $5 coupon available, bringing the total price to just over $8 shipped (VA Tax).


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