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Thread: HiTS First Responder Pistol; 05/15-16/2021; Dallas area

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    Quote Originally Posted by Balisong View Post
    I apologize for the slight sidetrack, but just a few days ago I was trying to find a website for you and DB's company with a schedule of your classes, but I all I found was a listing of a couple classes from 2015. Do you guys have a different website now? Thanks
    If you're into social media, you can subscribe to their Eventbrite account. I find their email notifications hit and miss, but that may be because I'm subscribed to so many people.

    I'll also plug their page on my website too.

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    Registered. Happy to finally make it happen to get into this particular class. It also means another trip to the great state of Texas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne Dobbs View Post
    It appears you need a FB account to see it. Do you have one available for public viewing by chance?

    Sorry again for the side track. If I have additional questions I'll take it to PM, I just figured there may be other interested folks.

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