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Thread: 92d not trigger bar not catching hammer always

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    92d not trigger bar not catching hammer always

    I posted in the 92dxr thread, but wanted to post here for visibility.

    I had issues that I attributed to short stroking that actually seem to be the trigger bar isn't lifting to catch the hammer. I replaced the trigger bar spring, albeit not with a brand new one, to no avail. With a forceful press/release it will pop up and catch. Also if it isn't catching I can press the hammer toward the trigger bar and it seems to let it pop up and catch.

    Tried heavier hammer springs also, to see if that mattered at all. It didn't.

    Likely culprit? and aside from a brand new trigger bar spring, what would likely need replaced? D hammer? Trigger bar?

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    Take it apart and look at the pieces. Make sure there isn't a burr on either part. Make sure the trigger bar always travels far enough rearward to pick up the notch.
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    Is this a new gun? Still under warranty? If so, call Beretta and have them fix it.

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    I saw this with a brand new Tenn 92 in my lgs. Right grip was pressing against bar. This grip was factory, but rubber aftermarket grips routinely do this. Note the spacer under the grip screws. Adding a 2nd might rig it.

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    Swapped in a new trigger bar and d hammer. Positive and constant reset without slide on. Whether it makes a difference in use or not, it eases my mind.

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    My M9A1 will do this when the slide is not on the gun. I'm running a Langdon Trigger Job in a Bag with Elite 2 hammer. It seems that the hammer rests too far forward for the trigger bar to catch. Once the slide is on the pistol the hammer rests far enough back that there is no issue (or at least hasn't been in over 500 rounds of live fire and an equal amount of dry fire).

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