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Thread: New wilderness low pro edc belt doesnít seem to stay put. Advice needed

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    Ive noticed that without the velcro mine is not as secure as other buckle types. Its not pants falling down insecure, but it doesn't stay at the tightness I set it. With the velcro, no issues of it EVER coming loose or slipping.

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    Iíd have to stare at it some more but the buckle on my Mastermind Specialist Pro seems more ďarchedĒ than the one you pictured, @hk45. I donít recall any issues slipping with mine. Might be an option if things donít work with the Wilderness (but it should work, I agree).
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    Quote Originally Posted by hk45 View Post
    I think so. See picture. I notice that when I pull the belt tight while on my waist, it will retract and pull back through unless itís secured to the Velcro. In other words, it will not stay tight unless attached to the Velcro. It just doesnít seem to be biting the buckle, if that makes any sense.
    That doesn't seem right. I know for a fact that their Frequent Flyer belts are designed specifically such that the Velcro is not necessary to maintain belt tension and I can't imagine them deviating from this philosophy with the LowPro. I would maybe reach out to Wilderness and explain your issue - their customer service is excellent.

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    Iíve had one since almost immediately after they were introduced. No problems whatsoever threading the buckle as shown by @NPV. Supports an AIWB holster just fine.

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    From google searches Iíve seen others mention (not complaint really) that the low pro edc buckle allows the webbing to slip through more so than other buckles like the instructor or frequent flyer. I will say I am a bit disappointed the buckle doesnít bite hard.

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