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Thread: Remember the Seinfeld gag "Spongeworthy"?

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    Remember the Seinfeld gag "Spongeworthy"?

    Been thinking about those episodes a lot lately. Ya know why? Primers, that's why!!!!

    Back in the olden times if I encountered a botched up bullet, I still loaded it, I just set it aside to blast it when it wasn't important. Now everything gets contemplated on if it is Primerworthy.

    This is probably how every cartridge I decide to load has been feeling...

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    God help me, I do. Bear in mind, I was 10 when that episode aired. But I remembered it well-enough to fully appreciate it later.

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    Lol, I know. Ive got 100 spp mag primers Im trying to figure out a load without wasting any.

    Anyone know how much aa9 to put behind a 158 swc to get 1250fps in a 2.75" barrel?

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    I never watched Seinfeld, but I get the point. Every round I fire won't be replaced anytime soon, so I think more about how to use powder efficiently. It also affects whether or not I buy components when I find them. For example, I found .17 bullets, but I made sure I had powder to load them before I hit 'buy'. A friend ordered a rifle, then started looking for scopes, but I'm wondering what he plans to shoot in it. I haven't seen ammo, bullets, or brass for it anywhere.
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