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Thread: First shots on a timer and from concealment in probably close to a year...

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    First shots on a timer and from concealment in probably close to a year...

    ...not great, but not bad; I'll take it. From a gun I haven't had more than an hour of dry fire practice on in probably 8+ months, and one I'm not even all that comfortable with in the first place; a PX4 Compact.

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    To be fair, those were rounds 31 and 32; I spent two magazines just trying to remember what this gun shot like. There was one flyer (of many) perilously close to the card I dusted off the timer on. I promise, I only shot two rounds aimed at that're gonna have to take my word for it

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    That was at a measured distance of 32 feet on the nose from the tip of my toes to the cardboard.

    Yeah, it took a bit to get settled in and dust off basics. I only had 100 rounds to play with, so I slowed things down after and worked on fundamentals. But, it was nice to be able to draw and punch a 3x5 at 30' in less than 3 seconds from relatively cold.

    Sorry, not super ninja, but it beats nothing

    The gun itself is a poor/dumb man's 3rd generation photocopy of a Compact Carry; Beretta competition trigger group and EL 12lb spring in it, stealth levers all around; basically everything that a CC has, but done piecemeal and for more money than one would have cost to buy a CC in the first place. And without the sights. Which reminds me, this thing does need better sights...

    Edited to add - my (personal) "standard"/wish is for a sub-2 second first shot, and both to be under 2.5 seconds...that to me is what I try to maintain. I doubt I will ever get to the EL/Travis Haley/etc sub-second first hit and frankly I don't think I have the time to devote to that much practice to get near that lol
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