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Thread: Montana Gold Bullets?

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    Montana Gold Bullets?

    I am wondering if anyone here has tried them out. Specifically I am looking for 124 grain round nose 9mm bullets. There is more than one skew but I think the difference between them is one has an exposed base and the other has something covering the base.

    If anyone has experience with them please let me know. I want to get as much information as I can. Their website is ok but it doesn't have a lot of information.

    The jackets look like they are made of brass but I'm not sure. Anything good or bad or interesting is welcome.

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    I use them and like them a lot. I shoot the 124 gr JHP. I load using Ramshot True Blue and they are clean. I have I about 20K in my reloading hoard and have shot up about 5-7K.

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    I haven't shot them in a while, but a 124 gr. Montana Gold (CMJ) and a max charge of N320 made minor power factor, was accurate, and was really clean.

    I don't see any huge benefit to a brass jacket over copper. The closed base smokes less than a conventional FMJ, which might be beneficial shooting indoors or just wanting to minimize lead exposure.

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    I've shot a lot of the Montana Gold 147 CMJ. Good bullets. I switched to Bayou because they were cheaper.

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    I've use them pretty much exclusively for the past 10 years for 9mm (124gr fmj), 38 sp (125gr fmj and jhp), 380 (90gr fmj) and 10mm, I used them for 223 (55g fmj) when I could get them.

    I've found them to be great bullets and had no issues at all. Since the last ammo/reloading shortage started I have never seen them available on the MG site or Everglades Ammo site.

    If you know where they are available, help a brother out, nudge nudge.

    I have gone to using Everglades Ammo to stock up but have not yet run completely out of MG bullets.

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    Shot mountains of them in USPSA, both 180 and 165gr .40's and 124gr in major 9. They were always good to go.

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    Loaded a bunch of them in 9mm and 40. They work great and generally the price is right.

    Right now anything you can get is an awesome bullet😂😂

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    Used them for several years. The 124 JHP are pretty much non expanding, as stated on the website IIRC. Very accurate

    I found the 124 CMJ to be inconsistent, and much less accurate. The base inconsistency can be seen in some pics. Basically a disc placed over the exposed base with the other jacket folded over. I may have some pics showing this somewhere. Or I may still have samples here I can get pics of showing this.

    I would not buy the CMJs again.

    Overall, I found better options that were less spendy.

    RMR JHP, and Berry's HHP for example.
    Just because it "feels good", doesn't mean it's best.

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    I have a good friend that buys them 4 cases at a time and does that multiple times per year. His powder store would give the fire chief a heart attack. He say they're good. I'm a cheapass and use coated lead.

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    I have shot thousands of them over the years, in .40, .45ACP, .38spl/.357mag, 9mm, and .223.

    They are most excellent. Some of my most accurate loads have used their 124gr and 115gr 9mm JHPs.

    I loved them when my local LGS sold them. Alas, with shipping they're just too damn expensive compared to other sources.

    If not for that, I'd be ordering them by the thousands. Buy and use with confidence.

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