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Thread: What about an Undershirt?

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    I've been wearing some variation of the Under Armour Tech Tee since 2003/4. Tried lots of other stuff, but these have a great balance of slickness, not smelling, durability, and they stay put relatively well.
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    Believe it or not the Wally-World branded athletic undershirts [I believe they are called George] are cut kinda long and stay tucked.
    Started wearing them daily whilst toting the M&P 2.0, due to the grip texture. They work for me, keeping the Tenicor and grip/body of the 1911 fairly sweat free, and me, rash free.
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    I'm 6'4" and had the same problem until I discovered Duluth Trading Company undershirts. They are pricey, but worth it. They have longer than normal tails, but shorter sleeves so they don't poke out from under the sleeves of short sleeved shirts. They have ones similar to under armour material (Armachillo), a waffle/breathable (Buck naked), and a cotton (free range). I have all three types depending on what I'm doing and the weather and have been very satisfied with all of them.
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