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Thread: Nice article on BJJ for Anyone

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    Nice article on BJJ for Anyone

    This is an article written by my friend Dr Sherman House (The People's Dentist) about his 14 month journey in BJJ and some thoughts he had after taking my block at the recent Rangemaster TacCon.

    "And since you read to the end of the article, Professor Cecil also gave us the secret to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and that is, “SHOW UP!” It is that (deceptively) simple! Only a concentrated effort over a long period of time will net measurable results! And even though the road is fraught with bumps, bruises, minor injuries, sweat and maybe a couple of tears, the pay-off is worth it and the difference it makes in your demeanor, confidence, physical conditioning and self-defense capabilities is tremendous!"
    For info about training or to contact me:
    Immediate Action Combatives

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    Thanks for the article, Professor. It was great seeing you this weekend.

    I'm really looking forward to training with you again this fall.

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