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Thread: Training to most likely or most dangerous COA?

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    So is tripping over your own feet when walking, but it's not something that needs to be said. It's an overhead risk you assume every time you get out of bed.

    For example, if @Wake27 is giving a brief for a convoy movement to his troops, he can mention how high the risk for a traffic accident is along a certain route during the execution segment, annotate traffic specific guidance to reduce the risk of an accident and even end the mission brief with a note about safe driving, but that doesn't mean it should be listed as EMLCOA, since it's categorically not a violent action that you're trying to hedge against.

    My biggest threat is centric on hostile actors. I don't know what you're getting at.
    Agreed, threat analysis and risk management are not one in the same. Most of what I do is low threat and low risk, but one is typically only expressed when the other is absent or negligible. If thereís a legit enemy threat, Iím not wasting near as much (if any) time on risk management - I see the latter as basic adult responsibilities anyways.

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    I was enjoying looking up all the acronyms that were being tossed around in this discussion

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