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Thread: The Glock 48 is dumb: Change My Mind

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    The Glock 48 is dumb: Change My Mind

    I’ve been kicking this around for a while- I thought the 43X and 43X Rail/MOS was a decent addition to the Glock line up. Slim, small, decent handling guns that could really fill a niche. Then I saw the 48 and I continually ask myself “why”. The 43X has an overall smaller footprint than a 19, better grip characteristics than a 26, with the same factory capacity, this gun ‘makes sense’ to me. The 48 doesn’t. Longer than a 19, similar footprint, granted thinner, but most folks who would buy a 48 or carry a 48 probably carried or would carry a 19. My dept just outfitted our secret squirrel group with 48s. They wear them in Blackhawk Retention style holster- not exactly a concealed carry design. This made no sense to me. The guns footprint is almost identical to a 19, you’re carrying it OWB, no rail 5 less rounds of capacity- why? Someone change my mind. I know these guns are supposedly the “bee’s knee” but I don’t understand the allure.

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    I was going to say for IWB carry that makes sense from a slimness factor.

    OWB. I simply don’t understand. Unless they’re expected to carry IWB normally. ETA: normally IWB, but buy their own holster and the department issues an OWB holster to give them something in the interim. (End ETA)

    I dunno. A Glock 34 is more comfortable to me than a Glock 19.

    I would not have believed that until I tried it.

    I waited years to buy a 34 because I thought it would *only* be used for gun sporting events.

    I carry the thing all of the time.
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    I like the 48, and generally carry mine OWB. I like the grip shape, it reminds me of a 3913 or even a 1911. I shoot it better than a 19, too. Horses for courses.

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    The ONLY reason I am interested in a 43X/48 is because of the 15 round magazines by Shield Arms. Otherwise, snooze.

    At this time I can only afford to add one new pistol to my collection. I want a gen5 G17 for a nightstand/range gun but I am thinking about a G48 that a friend is selling for a reasonable price to try it for a carry gun with the 15 round mags.

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    Single Stack G19

    People have been fussing at Glock to make a single stack 19 for some time. That's what the G48 is. Not saying it's for me, but it's a reason.

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    I carry a G48 AIWB every day in a Dark Star Hitchhiker.

    I owned and shot a G19.5, G26.5, and a G43X. All three of those have been sold off. All I have now is the G48 for carry and a G34.5 for USPSA. The G19 went to fund a transition to the G34. The G26 I carried daily AOWB, but I never warmed up to shooting it. Too fat and dumpy. The G43X was "the one"(or so I thought) however, I never enjoyed shooting it with carry ammo; it felt very snappy to me. It got sold to fund a hot three day weekend fling with a P365XL. This fizzed out, so the XL got sold for the G48.

    The G48 is my goldilocks gun. It is easy to shoot well, reliable, accurate, sufficient capacity at 10+1 (for me) and an upgrade path to 15+1 via Shield mags. I find it extremely soft shooting; which is weird, because its the same RSA as the G43/43X. Must have something to do with the timing? So far I have only added sights and a Tau Industries SCD. Plus a set of Talon rubber I am meh on. I love it.

    I am in the middle of transitioning to dots, having ordered a Forward Controls Plate and Holosun 507c v2 for my G34, because dots r kool. And I can't see the damn front sight anymore at age 62. I just ordered a Holosun 507k for the G48 from Brownells. Since my 48 is an older, non-MOS model, I plan to have the slide milled for the optic.
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    I've owned and sold both the 43X and 48. Neither were smaller enough than my G19 for my use. I've added a pair of P365's and am much happier with the G19/45 / P365/P365XL combo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BWT View Post
    I dunno. A Glock 34 is more comfortable to me than a Glock 19.

    I would not have believed that until I tried it.
    I get what you mean. Back in my .40 days, I sold my 27 when I realized the 23 and 22 were more comfortable to carry IWB. Not quite as concealable, but noticeably more comfortable.

    My guess is it spreads the weight over a larger area and results in less of a pressure point.

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    Slimmer pistols make sense for some folks’ hands/fingers. Gen4+ Double-column-mag Glocks, with none of the add-on back-straps installed, are right at the maximum volume that I would want to use, for serious defensive purposes. I have size L hands, but my fingers are size M. I can see that some folks, with just slightly shorter index fingers, than mine, might well want a slim-line Glock, but not, necessarily, one with such a chopped-off grip. I trained/evaluated some female rookies, with quite small hands, for whom the authorized duty pistol choices, all wide-body, double-column-mag, were handSguns, not handguns.

    Some number of my female officer colleagues, who were the better, more-enthusiastic shooters, and had been hired before the 1997 change in duty handgun policy, kept their K-Frame and L-Frame duty revolvers “grandfathered.” With my size M fingers and thumbs, I understand why. (For that matter, I had sometimes wished I had grandfathered my K-Frame and GP100 duty revolvers. I spent a ton of money on autos, unnecessarily, motivated by the quest for “the best.”)

    My arthritic right hand has aged-out of willingly shooting compact nines, and I traded-away my three G19 pistols last year*, but if I buy a slim-line 9mm Glock, for lefty-only shooting, it will be a G48.

    *I can still shoot my G17 and G19x Glocks, right-handed, as they have “orthopedic-length” grips.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JJN View Post
    People have been fussing at Glock to make a single stack 19 for some time. That's what the G48 is. Not saying it's for me, but it's a reason.

    Exactly! The G48 is slightly easier for me to conceal IWB than a G19 due to the thickness and I prefer how it handles than my G26.5 (Though I am trying a GeePlate now, so I may change my mind TBD).
    My buddy has a G48 and shot a G43X last weekend and thought the 43X was much more snappy than the 48. I have not shot them side by myself.
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