I've been away from my journal for a bit due to some home remodeling but for the last couple weeks I have been getting in 15-30 mins a day.

In the last week I have been experimenting with a system that is giving me really good results.

1- Size, deprime, and swage on the Dillon 1050.

2- Check OAL and if necessary, trim on a Possum Hollow trimmer, then debur. My friend just purchased Giraud Tri-Way and I think that will be my next purchase. It will do both at once.

3- Last year I purchased a Mighty Armory sizing die. Besides being a really well made die, it has a built in mandrel to make neck tension very consistent. With that installed in station 1 on the Dillon 550, I resize, prime, charge, seat, and put a very slight crimp on the finished round.

Results in the bolt gun have been sub MOA with 69 and 77 grain match bullets. Next up is some shooting with the AR to see how well this process performs.