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Thread: Real Life Aimpoint battery life

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    I use lithium in my comp m4. An Aimpoint rep said a lithium will last around 8 or 10 years(I forgot which it was).

    I replace them at 2 years and use the batteries for other non essential stuff. They are still like new. I forget how many setting there is but I leave it on weíre I can still see the dot with a WML activated at night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Bell View Post
    Hey guys,

    One of the reasons I have always preferred Aimpoint is because they have amazing advertised battery life. But I just grabbed my rifle with Aimpoint M5s and it was dead as disco. Disturbing since I bought the unit it July. It's been running since then for sure, but it has been on 6 or 7, and certainly not 8 except maybe during a few range sessions. I might chuck it up to a weird battery or maybe it was running before that for some reason, but I remember having a T-2 fail at about the same time a few years back. Is anyone really seeing these 3-5 year battery lives with these things?
    Most likely an individual battery having a problem. Maybe even a production lot of batteries having problems...that happens sometimes.

    It's worth remembering that battery life numbers are usually based on unreality. Often the advertised battery life figures on an optic are at a setting that is one above essentially a night vision setting. Usually so low that it isn't useable in many/most circumstances.

    Each higher setting represents an exponentially higher draw from the battery than the previous level. So the reduction in battery life becomes exponential as well. The battery's size becomes the determining factor in how long it will last. Bigger batteries have more electricity in them. C'est La Vie.

    In reality, batteries are sufficiently cheap that there's no reason to actually keep them in an optic for as long as some of the marketing claims. We just want to know they won't be dead if we reach for the gun and it's been a while since the battery was addressed.

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    My PRO goes about five years constantly on, a smidge over the medium setting. I haven't had my COMP M5 long enough to really say yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phaedrus View Post
    My PRO goes about five years constantly on, a smidge over the medium setting. I haven't had my COMP M5 long enough to really say yet.
    That is honestly why Iím not considering the ACRO in my Pistol RDS stuff. I know aimpoint is quality, theyíre durable, and very reputable.

    But this is not a competitive battery life to other RDS. I think Aimpoint will right the ship but, this has steered me to looking at Trijicon, etc. Iím surprised this one made it out of R&D, and I own aimpoint products I passed on EOTechs for rifles partially because of battery life of aimpoints.

    Beating a dead horse here I know.
    God Bless,


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    By all accounts the battery life of the ACRO is poor, but my Comp M5 has already greatly surpassed ho long an ACRO will run. I'm thinking of a Holosun for a handgun.

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    Lithium is the b est battery have ever used, It very strong and reliable.

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