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Thread: Home brew P365X perfect for Exec Protection and EDC

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    Home brew P365X perfect for Exec Protection and EDC

    Now that Sig has announced the P365X (P365 slide w/ optic cut coupled with a P365XL grip) many folks will discover just how practical this combination is. I have run the P365 with the XL grip for going on two years now and haven’t looked back as this combination just works well for me. I recently upgraded to a Zev Octane slide, added an RMSc red dot, and finished the package off with a gray, OEM XL grip module and rubber Talon Grips. I have an identically equipped P365XL but typically go with the P365 in a Dark Star Gear Hitchhiker holster (I did need to modify the holster with a cut for the optic) for edc.

    I packed my gear up and headed from Seattle to Miami, FL for LaSorsa and Associates 9 day Executive Protection Agent training last month and was impressed with the performance of the home brew P365X. I was shooting the smallest handgun in the class of 16 students but my scores were right up there with those that were using full-size duty pistols. In most protection missions the need to be discrete is paramount yet you also need to have ‘enough gun’ to effectively manage deadly force encounters. The 3.1” barreled P365 is very accurate and having 12+1 in the gun before a reload with 15 more rounds is definitely sufficient for the first several seconds of such an encounter. There have been zero malfunctions through over 900 rounds fired over the life of the gun so I am confident in the reliability.

    We had an opportunity to shoot duty ammo into bare, clear gelatin and the Winchester Ranger 147 gr RA9T displayed 12-13” of penetration with perfect expansion through my P365.

    I just installed the boresightsolutions Razorback grip module and will update this thread once I get to wring it out some. I like how the grip resembles the Walther PPS M1 and locks into my hand during the draw and presentation.

    Here’s an 8 second video of one of the basic drills from class using the P365X:
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    I shipped a P365 slide and RMRcc to Mark Housel today. Boresite Solutions shipped my P365XL grip module out today. Looking forward to working with that combo.

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    I too have become attached to this combo and the Razorback mod from Ben is incredible. Changes how the gun shoots for me and makes the tiny pistol much easier to handle.

    I chose to stick with the regular 365 length grip but often use the 12 round (14 with magguts) for the same length as the XL. I like the option to go extremely short when needed. It absolutely disappears in an Enigma. 12 rounds in the 10 round length with magguts is pretty compelling.

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    Count me in on this as a carry setup for the past couple years too.

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    Pointing at cardboard things....

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    Good thread, very interesting.

    Our P365 has always been slightly too short for me. The 12 round mags w basepad fillers work, but I might be tempted to just order an XL grip module and use the mags 12+1 with the XL basepads.
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    One more pic
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    I feel a little connected to this thread because I asked Ben about doing Razorback on P365 probably a year ago, before they made it an available option on that gun. I myself abandoned the 365 idea but I am glad they decided to do it.
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    I don’t love the XL grip around the mag well. Doesn’t look like there’s much of the baseplate available to grab and rip out if the need arose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hot Cereal View Post
    I don’t love the XL grip around the mag well. Doesn’t look like there’s much of the baseplate available to grab and rip out if the need arose.
    Grip modules are ~$40, you could Dremel a notch for that (eliminating the flared magwell might also help reduce printing a little). Or carry a 15 round magazine with the extension...
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    I'm new on the block here, long time observer and very
    much appreciate all the information and Knowledge here.

    I've got a pretty well vetted 365XL and find it to be a
    pretty neat, accurate little gun but find the small grip
    difficult to get a consistent firing grip on out of the holster.
    I'm currently running a double layer of Talon grips which do
    help, but the Razorback module looks like a pretty good
    option, do you find it larger, more hand filling than the
    original module, does it change the perceived grip angle ?

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