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Thread: Buy a shotgun

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    I have have a couple of shotguns. One sold to me by my mentor when we were both young cops earning $11/hr. A Mossberg 590 that came with Speed Feed stocks, a side saddle, and has since been back bored, threaded for chokes, had the original tritium ghost rings replaced, and is an all around pleasure to shoot. The other is a 1938 family heirloom Browning A-5 that only has sentimental value keeping me from SBS-ing it or chopping it to the non-NFA minimums. I stand to inherit a pair of sequentially serial numbered Beretta O/Us, one in 12 and the other in 20.

    So...The only shotguns I now covet are a 1301 and a Saiga SBS...for work...There is a little known local guy that used to to contract work and correct all of Red Jacked F-ed up Saiga-12s. I really, really, really want one of his SBS Saigas...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe in PNG View Post
    Anybody got a line on one of those sooper kewl Kel-Tec KG-7's?

    I kid, I kid... kind of. It would be like a fling with a trailer park princess.
    Having experienced both, that's a lot more accurate than you'd think. Only difference being I'd keep the KG-7 around because it looks neat and I like space guns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed4032 View Post
    So who is the better gun salesman, Biteme or Obama bin Laden.
    BLM/ANTIFA is definitely in the running

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    Quote Originally Posted by GyroF-16 View Post
    BLM/ANTIFA is definitely in the running
    Ding Ding Ding

    we have a winner...
    "Roy, have ye got the hammer?"
    "Always got the hammer, Tommie."

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    Based on Joe’s recommendation I picked up a couple for our kids. Should work well on the clay range and with the sling one of them will no doubt double as a Mandalorian rifle.
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