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Thread: In appreciation of Mark Housel

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    In appreciation of Mark Housel

    @Mark Housel

    I came across the news of you moving on to the next phase of your personal and professional life on another forum. I'd like to thank you for a number of projects that you've done for me over the years, and wish you the best!
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    Mark has been great to work with. Willing to take on my weird requests, and always great with communications, which is a huge rarity in the gun industry, IME. I'm gonna be proper fucked now if anything goes wrong or if I need another gun done. IMO, the RDS slide mounting industry has suffered a serious blow; any hack can slap an RMR on an SFA, but finding someone who can figure out how to work a new optic onto an oddball gun, and being able to do it consistently while running a good business? Can't say I know of anyone that can do that.

    Enjoy your retirement, Mark, you've earned it.

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    Enjoy retirement @Mark Housel. I was extremely happy with the work you’ve done for me over the years. I may have been the first CZ P.07 you RMR’d and I have used the fitment from that work as a gauge I compare other manufacturers with. Many haven’t compared. Thanks for all you’ve done for the red dot community.
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    I'm glad I got my USPC9 RMR'ed last year. Nothing but praise for Mark's work.

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    @Mark Housel

    Mark has done several milling jobs for me, and all have been first class. No "do-overs". Plus, he's only about 45 minutes down the highway, so he's easily accessible in person for those times I have special requests "Can you mount a red dot on this pistol?" (that was at that point never intended to have one).

    Super nice guy too. And I'd have never guessed he's 68!

    RIP Mark!! (RELAX in peace!)


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    Before he left AZ, Mark did two slides for me (an RMR and a DP Pro) and the work in each case was top notch, fairly priced, and completed AHEAD of schedule. But the best part of the experience was getting to visit with him. He is simply one of the good guys. Best wishes for an enjoyable retirement, Mark!

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    Don't know Mark but he has well-deserved fans. It's a sad commentary on our youth that he couldn't find an apprentice to take over the business. Seems like a great opportunity.

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    Mark cut, milled my first dedicated optics pistol.

    Thank you, Mark, for all of that work and for the friends of mine whose guns you worked on!

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    Mark cut 2 slides for me and answered a lot emails. Always professional. Never heard any of the horror stories about him that are too common with Instagram overnight sensation shops

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    With this news, is there anyone else capable of milling HK P30’s for RDS? (I think not, at this time.)

    It’s always bittersweet to see someone really good at their work moving on, but congratulations and best wishes to Mark.

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