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Thread: This revolver makes my brain hurt...

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    This revolver makes my brain hurt...


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    Makes my eyes water too!


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    Have you seen the inrange videos of them? They are as bad as you think they are.
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    It's the perfect backup gun for a Taurus Judge!
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    Man, I didn't even have to follow the link to know which revolver-shaped abomination you were talking about.
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    By combining standard ammunition and birdshot, each pull of the trigger will deliver an incredible combination of firepower and very light recoil.
    Fuck me.
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    I thought that this was the work of the former USFA owner, who ruined a company making cool guns to make a terrible .22, but apparently it’s a whole other company that makes other guns who is making a new, separate stupid .22. Is there something damaging that happens to your brain when you own a gun company of sufficient size?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scal View Post
    Is there something damaging that happens to your brain when you own a gun company of sufficient size?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BehindBlueI's View Post
    Fuck me.
    You have to give them credit. They went the distance. Not just "defensive pistol that's a rimfire with a 20lb trigger and if you hold the grip wrong you've blocked the bottom of the elongated trigger and rendered the gun unfireable" but all that and candy caning solids and birdshot.

    You see... Some lesser people have limits. There's only so much they're willing to commit to. And that sort always comes up short in the end. They are droll, boring people. But not these guys. They've proven to the world that the sky is the limit. Nothing is off the table. The only thing that review was missing was "Hi I'm Johnny Knoxville and welcome to Jackass."

    I, for one, am looking forward to the inevitable youtube video where they airdrop these over the Florida panhandle like Liberator pistols with cartoon instructions showing how effective they are on gators. They have so much room to win here. Let them be their most beautiful, best selves.

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    I'm not sure that can qualify as a revolver, even if it has a cylinder.... That's just Fucked Up on so many levels.
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