Speed Shooting and Shot Calling is an advanced pistol class focused on enhancing students ability to run their handgun at high speed. 2-Gun National Champion Ken Bloxton has developed a 3-hour, 300rd course that answers some the hardest questions in shooting such as -

  • How can I maintain accuracy at high speed?
  • What is "Shot Calling" and how do I do it?
  • What does it mean to "See what you need to see"?

This training event will start with a classroom briefing before heading to the range for the live fire portion, where we will cover the following topics in rapid succession while shooting a variety of paper and steel targets -

  • Dry Fire Draw & Fundamentals
  • Live Fire Draw & Fundamentals
  • USPSA/IDPA Scoring
  • Shot Placement & Shot Calling
  • Rapid Fire Techniques
  • Engaging Multiple Targets

Students will need to bring the following gear -

  • A decent belt to hold your guns/gear
  • Midsize or larger handgun (9mm, 40sw, 45acp)
  • 2-3 magazines, more if you're bringing a 1911
  • Magazine pouches or pockets are acceptable
  • Strong side OWB or Appendix holster (no SERPA)
  • 300rds factory loaded ammunition
  • Eye protection / Ear protection / Brimmed hat
  • Snacks / Water / Medkit if desired