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Thread: Better sights for CZ75

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flamingo View Post
    I am going to send it to the CZ custom shop for the sight install.
    Definitely a good idea. When I carried my 75B I sent it to CGW to have Trijicons installed. I spoke with the guy who installed them and they apparently gave him a hard time...and they specialize in CZs.

    I might have to dig it out and carry it once in a while. It looks good in the cordovan Milt Sparks 60-TK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg View Post
    CZs just don't get the support from the aftermarket.

    Night Fission sights are an option but they are weird. (Fat front sight with a tight rear notch)
    Yeah why is there so little sight support for CZ's?

    And yeah I want the night fission front but not if I can't find an appropriately wide rear

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    I contacted the CZ Custom shop and the recommended:

    CZ 75 Tactical Rear Sight with .140 wide U- Notch


    Unfortunately the front sight is out of stock and they don't know when it will be back in stock.

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    The problem with the TFX pro is its width The front and rear would both be 140.

    It can work but I like more air tbs than that.

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    I've read reviews that say that gold didn't stand out like people thought it should.
    I was considering the Trjicon Bright and tough, and have Tooltech swap out the white ring for an orange, and black out the rear myself.

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    I'm not a fan of the U notch rear but this front sight looks perfect. Might consider combining this front sight with a serrated blacked out rear.

    This is what I run on my P01 Omega and they are really really good. Front sight stands out much more than rear sight. Nice mix of precision and speed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TicTacticalTimmy View Post

    This is what I run on my P01 Omega and they are really really good. Front sight stands out much more than rear sight. Nice mix of precision and speed.
    I have those and I like them, but don't love them. The front doesn't pop compared to the rear, especially since the rear has white rings also. In certain lighting it's fine but sometimes it's not as easy as it should be to pick up the front sight.

    I'm thinking of painting the front sight with some testors fluorescent orange paint. I figure there's about a 50-50 chance I'll fuck it up and need to buy new sights. But maybe worth a shot?

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    Testors is pretty easy to scrape off, use some nail polish remover with a q-tip, and then an alcohol wipe and keep redoing with a toothpick as your brush until you get it right.

    Err.. um, so I've heard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flamingo View Post
    I have a CZ75 Semi-Compact (a full size frame with a compact slide). The gun shoots great, but with my aging eyes (I am 1 year into glasses) I can't see the small sights very well. Does anyone make sights like the Ameriglos with the tritium and orange or green ring front sight and a plain black u-notch rear?


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    The roll pin securing the front sight does double duty. It also retains the barrel bushing. For this reason he who replaces the front sight must know what he is doing. A new roll pin of proper size should be used.

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    Got the sights in finally! The rear sights took some persuading to seat, but the sights line up pretty good with the 9mm bore sighting tool.

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    I wish I had taken a picture of the sight picture before I had the sights replaced... The new sight picture is so much better/easier to see.

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