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Thread: Week 414: IDPA 5x5 Classifier (Abbreviated Method)

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    G19 gen4
    Concealed, fleece top and untucked shirt

    Score: 26.98

    3.28, 4.60, 8.60, 4.50, with -6 on hits

    First string started out great, 3.28!
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    One of my rounds before string 4 hit the head circle, albeit unintentionally, but hell, that's a good -0 hit. So good? Yes.

    I've always thought it's a great skills assessment. Have shot it before, my records indicate I scored 31.3 last time I shot it, that may have been a year ago, or more.

    Smack dab in the middle, which I'll take over dead last any day of the week!

    ETA: Sharpshooter, for stock service pistol category. And yes, my head circles are 3", and my 8" center are a little higher than IDPA standard.
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    Mar 2019
    Western US
    Shot cold with a Glock 19 with Big Dots shot from concealment AIWB.
    Total time 17.96 with 1 round in -1, so corrected time is 18.96.

    I like this, it's simple and has a low round count. I may try this again with a revolver and see how I do.

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