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Thread: Week 412: Hit Factor 15

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    Week 412: Hit Factor 15

    Week 412: Hit Factor 15

    Results may be posted until April 5th, 2021.

    Designed by: Chris Edwards (Glock Professional, Inc.)
    Range: 3-7 yards
    Target: 4x8" rectangle - Download here -
    Start Position: Varies, see below
    Rounds Fired: 15

    Let's shoot this quick and fun drill that Chris Edwards submitted! Thanks Chris!

    3 yards: Begin holstered. At the start signal, draw and shoot 1 shot. Record your time. Repeat four times, for a total of five shots.

    5 yards: Begin at ready. At the start signal, shoot 5 shots. Record your time.

    7 yards: Begin at ready. At the start signal, shoot 5 shots. Record your time.

    Calculate your score as follows: Total your time. Score your target. Hits to the 4x8" rectangle are 5 points each. Misses are 0 points each. Divide your points by your time to determine your hit factor. For example, say you shot 12 hits, 3 misses, and your total time was 10 seconds. You'd have (12x5) 60 points. 60 points divided by 10 seconds = 6.0 hit factor.

    Please report the following when you post your results in this thread:

    Equipment used (pistol, holster, any optional concealment)
    Time for each string
    Total points
    Hit factor
    Anything you noticed

    Training with firearms is an inherently dangerous activity. Be sure to follow all safety protocols when using firearms or practicing these drills. These drills are provided for information purposes only. Use at your own risk.
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    Untucked T-shirt

    String 1: 1.42, 1.64, 1.51, 1.37, 1.48
    String 2: 2.64
    String 3: 3.35

    No misses (yes, I'm counting the one on bottom that broke the line!) 75pts / 13.41 = 5.59

    Hit factor 5.59


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    I slowed down just a bit to get the hits. I'm glad I did! I like this one, and will be putting it in the Drill Book!

    ETA: are there published standards for this one, like other drills such as F.A.S.T., etc.? Would like to know what to be working towards.

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    92d(converted brig tac) with holosun 407co on trijicon mount, ltt grips, d spring, and rimfire conversion and tlr1 for the floodlight
    phlster floodlight
    light shirt and light sweater

    4x6 card because it's what I had

    string 1 - 1.51 hit, 1.46 hit, 1.54 hit, 1.3 hit, 1.7 hit (bad draw)

    string 2 - 2.12 clean

    string 3 - 2.82 -1

    points - 70

    total time - 12.45

    hit factor - 5.62

    Slow draws as the floodlight is just enough different from my carry setup with a jm and enigma to mess me up a touch. I'm on a rimfire diet so I don't count it for much but it was fun to do something different and I wanted to participate in the dotw.

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    Good drill

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    Equipment used (pistol, holster, any optional concealment): G19.5+RMR, AIWB, cover t-shirt
    Time for each string: 1.35, 1.46, 1.34, 1.33, 1.32; 1.70; 1.80 = 10.3
    Total points: 12(5)=60
    Hit factor: 60/10.3=5.8
    Anything you noticed: I didnít always pick up the dot at 3 yards. Two were out at that distance by about an inch each.

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    Equipment used (pistol, holster, any optional concealment): G34.5+RMR, AIWB, cover t-shirt
    Time for each string: 1.50, 1.26, 1.31, 1.39, 1.34; 1.54; 1.31 = 9.65
    Total points: 15(5)=75
    Hit factor: 75/9.65=7.8
    Anything you noticed: No misses with the G34.5. I havenít put in much time with this one in comparison to the 19. No surprise to anyone I suppose, itís just a bit easier to shoot well.

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