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Thread: Might be in the market for a new gun, looking for opinions.

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    One thing to consider is that with a g19 or 26 you wonít have to immediately purchase any additional support gear. All of your magazines and mag pouches will work for the smaller gun and your holster should work as well, even if it isnít ideal for your mode of carry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RevolverRob View Post
    It's okay to not be sure yet.

    Let's set aside which gun and focus for a minute on the mission. The late Pat Roger's always said, "Mission drives the gear train." I often think of it as, "The hypothesis we're trying to test informs the methods." To speak a lingo you're familiar with.

    So let's back up a second:

    What prompted you to purchase a handgun and acquire your concealed carry license?

    I am, like so many, probably lumped into the group of Covid panic buyers. I don't think of myself that way, but it's probably a fair assessment. Getting a gun and some training on how to use it has been on my list of things to do for quite some time (my immediate family has no tradition with firearms). Covid, or more specifically, the actions I saw my fellow man taking in a world where Covid was a concern made that particular item on a list get seriously bumped up in priority. Basically, I want to be able to use a gun if the situation requires, and I'd rather not learn on the fly.

    What do you see as your largest concerns regarding firearms usage?

    Competence to use it safely and effectively should the need arise.

    What do you see as your overall goal(s) with shooting?

    To be able go protect people important to me.

    Bear in mind you do not need to be able to answer all of these questions right now. Also, these are questions that you'll probably ask yourself over and over again as you learn and re-evaluate. So the answers today are unlikely to be the answers in 6 or 12 months. Almost certainly the answers won't be the same in 6 or 12 years.

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    In that case I'd vote shotgun or semi auto carbine.

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    For me carrying, which had to be very surreptitious for a very long time, built upon itself. The more often I carried, the more uncomfortable I was when not carrying.

    I would choose a next gun to balance self-inducement into more frequent carry with avoidance of a fallaciously small gun. .38s and .380s are back up guns, and in that role theyíre awesome, but I at least find myself putting on a given shirt or whatever, shrugging, and tossing on the J frame as primary.

    I have recently decided my G43 is not shootable enough to be a primary.

    I can carry a G17 or GM in comfort much of the time but for me the smallest gun I shoot to my highest degree of competency is the Lightweight Commander // CCO. Obviously you should get one of those, but barring that it looks like the G19 or G48 might be a great choice.

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    I concur with the general idea that no one should be without two different sized handguns. And by that I mean one "belt" gun and something else that can be pocket carried.

    Here is the aforementioned GSSF program for buying Glocks - - If one owns a G34, the next logical weapon is the G26 or G43. Followed by a 19 at a later time. The 34/26 or 34/43 combo will solve most carry "problems".

    In regards to your stated goals. A gun you're going to carry regularly trumps anything else.

    That said, after I sorted out my CC pistols, I'd really want to get a long gun. Shotguns are great the Beretta 1301 is the correct choice. The other choice is the AR15. Both end up costing roughly the same once kitted up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bio View Post
    I'm might soon be in the market to expand my collection from one gun two two. I currently have a Glock 34, which I've been learning to shoot with the past year. I'm looking for opinions on which firearm should be next in line. I understand supply limitations are a thing, so the advice I'm asking for assumes supply is available, even if that doesn't turn out to be true.

    Glock 19: I can carry the G34 AIWB, but it's not small, and induces wardrobe limitations. A 19 would I have a shorter grip and be a bit lighter.

    LCR 9mm: This would be a pistol that is significantly smaller than the G34. It would be a significant change in how a gun could be carried, instead of simply slightly more convenient (19 vs 34). 9mm keeps ammo the same.

    Shotgun, probably Mossberg 500/590 of some type, but maybe I'd just follow the experts advice and get the Beretta 1301. This option is under consideration because I'd like to learn how to use a shotgun in addition to a handgun.

    Thanks for any advice.
    What do these guns do that the G34 doesnít? What do you need to do that you canít do with the G34? Answering those kinds of questions honestly will help determine what you are trying to achieve.

    On the other hand, you donít need a reason to buy a new gun, because buying a new gun is fun! Is there a dot in your future? Might want to ponder options to allow you to do that, perhaps. Obviously if you can actually shoot them first, it really helps.

    Iíve owned a Glock 34, a 19, a 26, a 43X and a 48. I sold the 19, 26 and 43X and kept the 34 (USPSA) and the 48 (EDC). The 48 is on me as an type this in a DSG AIWB holster. Itís perfect, for me. Lightweight and slim, like what I understand a 1911 is. Guys who talk about a 1911 Commander as the perfect AIWB gun arenít far wrong. Itís fairly close from what I can tell.

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    So I would suggest a 48, but Iím kinda biased.
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    If the goal is to eventually live an armed lifestyle (i.e., to be armed wherever and whenever you are legally allowed, especially when you leave the house), then having a weapon you can comfortably and discreetly conceal 100% of the time is necessary. And if you live somewhere where itís hot and you want to be able to wear properly fitting clothing (versus a muumuu-like top), then a Glock 19 is not going to work well. Youíll need something a lot smaller, like the single stack pistols or j-frame sized revolvers recommended by others.

    For me, pocket carry is an important niche that small semi autos donít fulfill as well as small spurless revolvers, especially with pockets that have vertical openings. So if I already had some kind of 9mm pistol, my second handgun would be a small revolver.

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    This is only based on my old body. I carry OWB as it negates having to worry about pants sizes. Having a floppy shirt or jacket life style, I found the G26 fit the bill with enough rounds for a reasonable number of opponent, time in the fight calculation with an extra mag. Since I shot a 19 and now 17 for years in classes and matches, I know the gun style well. I did take a class with the 26 and the instructor wasn't happy, you need a bigger gun but I shot as well as all the other newbies at the time. I shot the 43 and it was Meh to me.

    Pocket - bought a first wave G42 and it was a horror and needed to go back. I still don't trust it that much. It doesn't drop an empty on mag release, you have to drag it out. Do I want to play with it - it might become a 43 if things loosen up. Thus, the J frame pocket gun - note as I've said ad nauseum, I've spend significant time shooting Js. One of my last IDPA matches, I shot two different Js.

    About the long gun, having taken Givens and Moses shotgun classes and shooting matches with my Winchester 1300 (works fine), I'm a carbine guy for home SD. The shotgun will suffice if the local bear comes in the back door (a rare occurrence and not a real worry).

    That's my two cents. I think about an optic on a new Glock - I don't know. Shooting here has to free up before more experimentation.

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    Seems like a lot of good advise......

    Not trying to derail but the 15 round mags for 48/43x have been recommended several times. Last I read here they were still problematic.?

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    Once I started carrying and shooting a G26 my 19s have not left the safe. When I really want to just shoot it's a G34.

    If I had to have just 2 Glocks, it would be 26 and 34. A 17 is almost as good as a 34.

    My experience is that the 26 just shoots extremly well for a gun of that size. Throw a pinky extension on and it's even better. My performance is improved with a 19 but the 26 conceals much easier for me and I don't need to dress around it.

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