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Thread: Primer dilemma

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    Primer dilemma

    I'm conflicted, as I have some, and others in my circle are in need. I certainly won't sell for cost, can't sell for replacement cost, as I have no way to predict that, and also don't want to be thought of as the guy who took advantage the situation.

    Obviously we can't predict when the supply chain eases up, and if I saw some light at the end if the tunnel, I would be more likely to sell at reasonable prices.

    Trying to sort out current cost is frustrating, as they seem to go OOS almost immediately. In my opinion, it doesn't matter what price you saw them for, unless you get them in hand. I don't want to be in a position months from now where I can't reload, because I decided to sell off my primers.

    Another part of my hesitation, is not wanting to encourage apathy. When you've been told "buy now, while times are good", and you don't, it really is hard for me to feel bad for you. This is not meant to be a sweeping generalization, as I know people are at different places along the journey.

    However, this last year has caused me to re-evaluate range time, dry fire, and focused practice. Also the use of rimfire has helped curb the desire to burn through ammo. I need to realistically forecast my personal use over the coming years, estimate resupply cost and availability of both factory ammo, and reloading components....

    Hence my dilema. Share the love, at a price, or shut up and shoot.

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    I think you need to keep your stock and not feel guilty.

    Or barter- I’ve got a few thousand primers and thanks to moving- got zero powder.

    Maybe you can use the primers to secure other items you are short on.
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    Depends on how close the “circle” is and if they’ll appreciate it or look the gift horse in the mouth.

    I think this is probably as bad as it’s going to get, but I don’t think it’ll get significantly better for a while.

    I’d put aside what you need for 2-3 years of proficiency shooting and anything extra you could sell to your circle for ~20% off market value.

    Take heart that your circle can purchase rounds at ~$0.70 all day long so it’s not like they can’t get it, they’re just choosing not to.
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    I'm pretty careful about giving a decent deal on things to others. Several times I have had people who I thought were friends take advantage of the good deal I provided them with. Within months of selling them something, they have sold the item at a substantial profit.

    Since that time I pretty much deal in trades. Working on a primer deal right now with a guy, and I feel he is getting the better end of the deal, but I am still getting double in trade for what I paid for the primers.
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    Keep what you have. We have no idea when inventory will return. Your friends lack of foresight is not your problem. I've cut my training in half in order to stretch my supplies and still maintain my skill set. With my current inventory I can maintain that for about two years if necessary. I won't compromise that because friends didn't plan ahead.
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    "Shut up and shoot."

    Not only do we not know when this will end, we don't know if it will end. We're only six weeks into the new normal. When our idiot overlords find out about reloading components, your "ghost bullets" will be public enemy number 4. Maybe 3.

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    Primer dilemma

    Quote Originally Posted by JCN View Post

    Take heart that your circle can purchase rounds at ~$0.70 all day long so it’s not like they can’t get it, they’re just choosing not to.

    My thoughts as well ammo is available just not at the price they want to pay.

    “Your Lack of Planning Does Not Constitute My Emergency” is what comes to mind.
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    That’s real tough question.

    My wife’s mother will get some .38s gifted from me occasionally, until ammunition availability gets back to normal.

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    I have a VERY small circle of close friends to whom I would gift primers, if I had any, and they reloaded. You can count those folks on one hand, and have plenty of fingers left over. Everyone else can suck it - if you couldn't be bother to plan ahead to keep an emergency stash on hand, you reap what you didn't sew, IMHO.

    With primers selling out at $300-400/1K now, there's no way to set a "fair" price. Don't waste your time and emotional energy worrying about those who didn't plan ahead. And I'm saying this as a guy who has a VERY small stash of primers left over, and wishes he'd bought a bunch more two years ago...

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    I sold some ammo to a fellow member here and he mentioned he had primers. Told me to make an offer.

    I couldn't. I felt like Id be low balling on what Id be willing to pay.

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