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Thread: Hit this absolutely idiotic ghost gun survey

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    Hit this absolutely idiotic ghost gun survey

    You’ll see why it’s idiotic when it gets to the pictures, I won’t spoil it. Thirty seconds. Have fun.

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    What, no muzzle-loading cannons? They didn't have serial numbers....
    There's trouble on the streets tonight, I can feel it in my bones.

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    Yeah, that survey didn’t seem biased or anything.

    I was expecting a question asking if “Orange man bad.”
    Pointing at cardboard things....

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    Thanks for the link. I took the survey.

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    “Bloomberg School...”

    Pretty much all you need to know right there.

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    Man, I thought this was about guns used by Ghost Busters. Still, I did the stupid poll.

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    I feel extra ‘tarded after taking that survey
    Don’t blame me. I didn’t vote for that dumb bastard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg View Post
    I feel extra ‘tarded after taking that survey
    Any more tardy and I'd have to get a slip from the office.

    Ghost gun definition: other - "guns for paramilitary organizations that fight paranormal forces"
    Who do you hear using the term: other "Anti-civil rights organizations (e.g. Everytown for Gun Safety, March For Our Lives)
    Who do you trust for gun policy info: Gun Owners, other - "Firearms Policy Coalition"

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    I took it twice and will take it again tomorrow at work.

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    The "Other" box is a good place to drop wisdom if you're so inclined.

    Okie John
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